Lowes PVC Fence?


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Lowes PVC Fence?

anyone here, installed that lowes freedom vinyl fence? any feedback on it?
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Vinyl fencing from lowes

Installing some of their fencing can be just as easily done as installing a higher end... And some can be done with with more time, more money and less in way of good looks.
If you are speaking of their spaced picket fencing...
I would rate,their material at a 5 out of 10 because it is pretty much the same look, for a little less than the wholesalers price.
But their material is usually lower grade in that it is thinner as well as lighter and there have been instances where the material used is not virgin vinyl regardless of what it says. Virgin vinyl is a product that has not been melted down from recycled plastics. Virgin vinyl would not typically fade in the sun... or at least it would not fade over the course of less than 3 years or so.
If you are thinking of using their solid line, more likely a 5 or 6 foot height... that product is not something I would reccommend unless you are on a fixed budget. Still fixed or not, you always seem to get what you pay for . The material is a fixed , glued section. It gives no play for racking up or down hill. All you can do is install in a step design if you are going with a sloped yard. The material is also based on using brackets, which you have to apply as you go. If you mess up and put the bracket in the wrong place, they come off easily enough, but then you leave significantly sized visible screw holes in the post.
It is a very time cosuming installation.
I have many times been called to install lowes and Home depot fencing by people who think the task is easy, and in fact it becomes one of those things they wished they never considerred.
Still when I do that kind of job for a customer, assuming they have all the materials they need to do the job, I charge them time and material. Mostly they would end up paying my company by the hour to be there.. And trust me when I say it , I just assume install the fence in half the time with a wholesaler distributed product verses a product of lesser quality . Especially when I know the customer more than likely paid big bucks just because they did not know.

Keep in mind that their material is typically stocked in 6 foot long sections verses a Fence wholesalers 8 foot long section.
The extra 2 feet per section can save you hundreds on less posts if you have a large front , side or back yard.

***Both stores do offer a higher end of fencing , but at the same time they charge considerably more than you would pay elsewhere for an even better product.

Go , look at the differences between product lines... compare installation needs and techniques.. assume time being your number one factor in the fence line that needs brackets added to the post verses a routed post (higher end ).To give you my best assumption, I would add on about 20-30 minutes per post for the constant measurring in adding the brackets onto the posts, screwing the sections through the brackets while constantly worrying if you are at the correct height of the top of your fence line throughout the installation.
Assuming the time and the overall look of the job there after, you will be better off if you go with the better line of material .

But as you asked, that is just my opinion on a product that I have installed many times.

Now of course, if time does not mean that much, and you have the skills to take on such a job, by all means , go for it .
You can create a very nice looking fence if you take your time. Always keeping in mind, you will have shorter distances between posts, thus having more posts, more caps , and more cement . But if you have only an 18 foot span to cover, it is obvious that 3 sections evenly spaced apart would look nicer than having 2 sections of 8 feet and one short 2 footer at the end ..
It all depends on the look you are interested in achieving .

I hope my experience and opinion helps you along.

I may even be able to provide pictures of the difference between the two designs if you need them. That being if you are in fact installing a 6 foot high privacy line in solid. Those I believe I have .... either with the lattice or without .

Good luck

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