chain link fence gates

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chain link fence gates

I am getting ready to put up a chain link fence for the first time. I have not purchased any materials yet, but have one question before I begin. When placing posts, how far apart should they be for a gate opening to accomodate hinges and hardware....assume a 3' gate. I want to have my holes dug first and need to know how far apart to put the posts at each side of a 3' gate. I know that there will be some room needed to hang and latch the gate.
Thank You
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Welcome to the forums.

The tape measure method is 3" wider than the gate.

The FOOLPROOF method is to set the hinge post first, hang the gate, and THEN set the latch post accordingly. Once you have that in, you can install the rest of the fence.
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Chain link fence

Well, before you start the work, it's important to check that the fence footings do not exceed legally established property lines. If uncertain, refer to real estate agent's line plot or consult a professional surveyor. Obtain necessary zoning and building permits. There may be local zoning or deed restrictions pertaining to height and type of fence.
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Adding to the previous answers I would have to say that you should be aware of the different types of hinges, and latches that are available. The latch for the most part would should or would be a typical fork latch. For most fork latches you need a 2" allowance. If you are using a butterfly latch you may need a little more for the wing of the butterfly to clear the latch post on a swing. Butterfly latches typically have automatic closure. Sometimes used for pool enclosures, sometimes just as an option by choice.
In regards to hinges..
Most times the gate being 32 inches wide it is made to accommodate an opening of 36". 2 inches on the latch side, and 2 inches on the hinge side.
If you use pressed steel hinges you may lose about 1/2 inch. Using cast steel hinges you would need the full 2 inches allowance on the hinge side alone.

Much care in proper spacing goes into knowing which hinge and latch is going to be used.
Using the full proof way that lefty suggests sounds like your best bet . At least this way all your bases are coverred.

Good luck

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