Fence Contractor questions


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Fence Contractor questions

Hey All,

I'm having a new fence installed for my backyard.

I have no idea what to ask potential contractors. Are the questions below acceptable. What else should i ask?

Would type?

Post type?

Length of posts?



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The list of questions that are typically asked depend upon the types of materials that are being installed.

How deep one contractor digs for a wood fence as opposed to a chainlink fence would be different. Include a typical pvc fence to that mix and the numbers are all different, some within their different styles.
First of all questions is questioning the contractor himself.

Their insurance is always a good place to begin. Making sure they have insurance to operate. Not insurance on their home or their personal trucks. I have heard some contractors say that they assume that question to be total bull when asked.. But those are the types of contractors that can not produce a certificate of insurance when asked for it.
Another good question before even chosing the contractor would be to see their previous work. Maybe they have a referral list that you can check into.
If you are sure you have the right contractor then the list of questions come along a lot easier. Assuming you have found someone you already have some sort of level of trust in, you would not have to ask those questions that you would have of doubt because they have already made you comfortable enough to choose them.

As for different types of materials and their questions after that...

Make sure your contractor will be using your property survey to work with.
Make sure that you know if he or you are going through the process of applying for the permits with the building dept.
If you have already decided upon a style of fencing, ask if you can see a sample of the fence. If he is just an installer, ask him to direct you to another job of his that he has installed that he used that same style of materials.
If there is a PVC fence going in ask if his materials have a stiffener in the bottom or mid rails.
Ask about the use of stainless screws verses galvanized
If the fence is chain link, wood, or even pvc ask about how much cement is used for each post. There is no definite, but there is somewhat of a guideline to follow with one material over another.
Warranty is always a big question.

You may want to know how long he backs up his craftsmanship even after the fence is finished being installed.

I am sure everyone else will jump in and add questions for you to follow... stay tuned.... there will be more to come.

Good luck with those

For one thing... added to this.. If you decide upon a specific type of fence , look into the different types of installation practices before actually signing an agreement with a contractor. Learn a little about the fence , its pro's and cons,, lifespans and such... , then go back and ask questions that you are more aware about their answers.

Good luck

Gregs Fence~
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Everything that GregsFence said, but before any of that, WHAT KIND OF FENCE DO YOU WANT???

$$wise, we can start out at chain link, then go to wood, then to vinyl, and then to masonary. What do you want the fence to look like, and how much do you want to spend for it??

You KNOW what you want the fence to look like -- whether it be chain link, masonary, or something in between. Start there, and let's narrow the search.
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Each fence can have a different installation application depending on the circumstances allowable. If you have a sloped grade, you may want to slope the top of a fence to follow the grade. You may wish to have a straight or level top, you could always ask what types of fencing materials can apply to your specific circumstances at hand.

Added onto asking about the contractors insurance, make sure you check to see that he is a licensed contractor with your state, or county.

But going back to the style of fencing, Just like Lefty states, if you have an idea of what type of material you are interested in I am sure everyone here can give you a few good questions to follow up on with your contractor....

And for sure, check with your town or city to find out what heights are allowable. Actually, that might be the first place for you to begin with your questions.. The city inspectors would gear you in the right direction with these and even more questions to work with.

Good Luck ~

Gregs Fence~
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