Problem Digging Fence Post Holes

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Problem Digging Fence Post Holes

With a standard post hole digger I can never seem to get my hole 2 feet deep without getting too wide at the top. How does one dig a hole 2 feet deep but only 1 foot diameter? After 1.5 feet the post hole digger handles won't open wide enough to get any dirt out.
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Yep, limitation of the tool. Need to go wider or use a different tool, like an auger.
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I've dug my share of post holes with the traditional post hole digger. If the top of the hole is too big to secure the post well - wait until next weekend before you start the fence. Time and a little rain/water will firm up the hole the post sets in.
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I guess you just have a desire to make a smaller diameter hole than it being any bigger than 12 inches in diameter?
For the most part digging down 24 inches can be done easily enough with the right tool. Yes, a gasoline driven auger can drill straight down, 24 inches or more depending on the size of the auger itself.
But even a regular post hole digger can be used to dig down 24 inches x the width of the spade blades. I guess it's all in the wrist and the experience to do so.
My Seymour post hole diggers have about an 7-8 inch span... I can usually dig down 24 inches with having a hole just that span, all the way down.
After digging past that 24 inches it does get difficult to take the dirt out without having the ability of pulling apart the handles... But 24 inches or so is doable within 12 inches or less diameter holes.

It might be as previously posted... A limitation of the tool you are using.

Good Luck either way.. Having a larger diameter hole is not a major problem. And in some cases it may actually be preferred.

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As I understand...there are some diggers that have a slim handle profile that will help getting deeper...but I'm too broken down to do it manually anymore. Gas augers either two man or tow behind is the way I roll now.

I'll pay the 4 hr charge even if I only have 4 holes to do....not that we have any wooden fences out here, but thats what I did for the posts on a walk I built a while back.
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Thank you for your replies!

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