Metal posts or cedar - $600 difference

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Metal posts or cedar - $600 difference

I have two quotes for fences in the NW Chicago suburbs. Both quotes are using western red cedar, one is using metal posts wrapped in wood and the other is wood posts. There is a $600 difference between the quotes.

One side of our yard does not drain well and if it rains heavily (like it has been) we can have a little standing water on that side for a few days. To help alleviate that issue I have rerouted our sump drain to drain into our front yard. It seems to be helping quite a bit.

Both companies are well reviewed and I have seen both of their work. Are the metal posts worth $600? Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

We have no plans of moving for a very long time so we want a fence and posts that will last. We are also budget conscious and $600 seems like a lot of money for the metal posts.
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Thumbs up Metal is the better way to go

Ok, two ways to go, two different ideas.

One the wood,,, Long lasting, natural and for the most part, it just blends. Cheaper , yes they are... But if you are looking to stay in the house for a very long time, the wood and a wet ground area do not do well together. The wood will eventually rot out. It will eventually need to be replaced and quite possibly it may need replacement before the actual fence itself. Cementing the posts or not, no real difference. Other than cementing wood posts may rot the posts even quicker than without cement.
It looks good, but it will not likely last 1/2 the time frame as the steel post.

Steel... lasts for many years to come. More than likely 2 if not 3 x the lifespan of the fence itself. So, in that, you can utilize those same posts for the next installation of fencing. The steel posts will for the most part be stronger, longer lasting and as much as the posts may cost more, or the installation cost more, or even the application of installation take longer to install.. the steel will be well worth their value longer term.

My opinion on steel verses wood, go for the steel. It is value that really makes sense out of saving cents.

Good luck in your decision...

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