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Make the right choice... Story based on what happened yesterday.

Make the right choice... Story based on what happened yesterday.

Old 12-13-17, 05:51 AM
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Make the right choice... Story based on what happened yesterday.

Good morning folks... Yesterday I received a call while sitting in my office, yes,.,... I took a day off... lol

In this call a woman said she had a friend install her 6 foot high Red Cedar custom fence and there are some problems with the fence that she needs addressed.
Hmmm... Okay Mrs... I will take a look at the fence earlier this morning.

Upon pulling up I notice the gates sagging quite badly. I noticed the tops of the posts cut flush with the tops of a custom made cedar section of wood...It may have been customer choice, but why no post caps??,....
Okay,,, the posts were purchased in your typical big box home store... definitely not a lumber yard.
The gates were over sized at being more than a 48 inch opening... 50 is allowable, but over that is insane.
4 X 4 Posts... 8 feet long, for a 6 foot fence... panels are 72 inches... above ground typically is at least 2 inches.. another 2-3 inches above the sections... that alone is 19 inches of wood below ground... In this case the fence was off the ground in some areas of the yard more than 5 and 6 inches... allowing for perhaps a foot of 4 x 4 in the ground.

Now in this yard the customer had a shed... they had an aluminum fence running along the back side of that yard, ending 12 inches away from the shed.. On the other side of that fence was a 10 foot drop. Yes, a cliff. Someone could easily walk up to that gap and fall through... off the cliff and Down onto whatever rough terrain was below.

Now,,, here is the way I look at things ... ...

Homeowner had a friend install their fence... .& So, ,, , The fence was installed straight but the installer made so many bad mistakes that the fate of this fence coming down is almost definite.
Note; ....
1-If you are installing a 6 foot high custom wood fence you can not simply go to your local big box home store and buy an 8 foot long post. It doesn't work that way. ( It really doesn't )

2- No matter what a contractor tells you, it is a very bad idea to install a 5 foot wide walk gate, especially if the gate posts are just a 4 x 4 post... . The issues in the years to follow are surely going to happen. The gates will fail... The posts will eventually either bend or break or they just will move in the ground because of the weight of the gate is just too much.

3- 4 x 4 pressure treated posts twist. Most big box home stores posts are almost always soaking wet ... and they dry after being installed. If using these posts for a 6 foot high fence precautions should be taken to restrict posts from twisting as they dry out. Cementing these posts in do not assure a stronger fence. All that that does is assure repair of the fence & replacing the post is a going to be costly.

4-I do not understand the gaps between the aluminum fence and the shed, but those gaps are a liability.... I never would have installed a fence like that. Not even if the customer asked me to. If they told me that's what they want, I would walk away from the job.... let someone else have it. The drop is 10 feet on the other side of that fence... Someone , and adult, a child or even a dog will be hurt one day.
Fencing is not only about security.. aesthetics or curb appeal ... Its not only about containing your children, or your pets.. Its about safety. The installer is responsible for informing you about all the risks involved as he or she understands the situations for your specific project..
Yes , this fence was installed by a friend ... and I am sure that the day of installation it looked awesome when it was done. But now the posts are twisting.. the gates are not closing unless lifted .. the latches are no longer lining up with their adjacent receiving mechanisms... saving money on buying the proper post ruined the entire look of this fence... and the cost of this fence saved in the installation will likely triple in repair costs over the years to come.
I am not the only guy out there that knows how to install a fence.. Professionals do this.. They take pride in what they do and they look forward to doing something that shows their pride loud and clear to all that see... and even all that can not see... It's about craftsmanship. True Craftsmanship... You can hire fly by night if you wish... that's fine.. But they must have pride in their work..... Its not its like the old saying .. "You get what you pay for" .... In this circumstances, No matter what these folks paid for their fence to be installed, "They got less than what they paid for".

This may sound like a rant... Maybe it is a bit like a rant.. But to me I take installing a fence in folks yards more of a profession than just a job. Yes, I get paid for what I do but I also take pride in whatever I do as well. There are some contractors that just want to sell... They sell, they install and they run away as fast as they could... They take your money and run for the hills... And if you choose to call them back they are suddenly unheard of... they may call you back but if they are responsible for making a repair they will dodge you like you are the plague ...

Homeowners also make bad mistakes.. They sometimes choose to take the easier way out.. thinking doing so will be just fine. And maybe they are right ... Maybe no one will ever fall through that gap,... Maybe no one will ever get hurt.
Maybe they like the way that fence looks with no custom cap installed... Maybe those posts will not twist... Maybe they could care less if they did.

Fact is I believe its more about pride.... Pride in your work.

I am not speaking badly about the large big box home stores... No, not at all... In fact they generally bring ideas to the homeowner that expand from simple to extremely difficult... They have everything you need ...for pretty much any level of work you wish to accomplish.

All the stores out there have everything you need to make your project a beautiful one. You as the customer must choose the right material... for your specific project.

Go with pride. Go with Craftsmanship. It's the best way to accomplish a project. ... Making your home more beautiful.

Happy Holidays to all.

Greg's Fence NJ....

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That is the problem with a lot of diy - folks only know part of what it takes to do a good job. Doesn't matter what type trade although some have the potential to be dangerous, not just costly or ugly. IMO that is the great thing about forums like this one - gives the average diyer a leg up towards getting a decent job.

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