Complication putting in a post


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Complication putting in a post

This isn't a "fence" question per se, but I wasn't sure where else to ask it.

I'm having a problem putting in a post. Quick background: the local town did a street drainage project a few years ago, and as a part of it put in a few dry wells in my side yard. They look ugly, and to hide the closer one I'm making a faux wishing well--a circle of retaining wall bricks, with a roofed top.

I picked up a couple of 4x4s for the roof supports and started digging holes; because of the layout, I'm really limited in where I can put them. I got no more than 6" down when I hit rock. Or something. I have no idea what it is; it's pretty flat and smooth; I banged at it with a stone chisel and tiny bits flew off, though it's hard to tell and I can't really get to it easily, so I'm not really sure what it's made of.

I made the hole a little bigger to see if I could find an edge but I couldn't; I don't want to make it too big because I don't want to undermine the nearby stack of stones in the well, and because a big hole would undermine the point of a post-hole digger.

So I'm not sure what to do at this point. I can't relocate the hole; should I get a masonry bit to drill holes to bolt a metal post bracket in place? ... that's assuming this is something I can even drill into.

FWIW, this is the second hole; with the first hole, I dug down about a foot and hit water (really high water table). Not sure where to go with that, either.
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Hmmm. Edit button gone, so I guess I waited to long to edit.

Found that I can't use a post bracket bolted to the concrete: they don't provide enough lateral strength, so without some sort of top support, it'll fall over easily.
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If it's flat I would assume you've found concrete. Could it be part of the city's drainage project? If so I would not attempt drilling into it or chipping away at it. If you damage it you may be stuck with a hefty bill repairing it.

Since you can only dig about 6" I would abandon anchoring the posts in the ground. I would consider a new decorative design or build your wishing well as a complete, portable structure that can just sit on top of the ground.
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As best as I can figure itís the base of a gazebo that was torn down 45+ years ago. Definitely nothing to do with the town.

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