Distance from fence to driveway?

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Distance from fence to driveway?

Hi all. We live on an acreage and are fencing a portion of our property for horses. One part of the fence will be along one side of our driveway (the downwind side).
We get lots of wind and snow in the winter (we will have a snow fence on the windward side of the driveway). So Im really just curious how far people would recommend putting my fence from my driveway given that I will be plowing it when it snows. Should it be far enough away that the snow piles dont touch it, or is it okay to be 5 from where my blade passes by? Does anyone have any experience with this kind of issue?
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No general rules of thumb for this one. Contact your county road maintenance crews they know the local area and can help. When I was a youngster in Iowa we set snow fences some times 70 yards from the road, Most of the time they were 30 to 40 feet from the right of way.
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Welcome to the forums.

Should it be far enough away that the snow piles don’t touch it,
That would be an excellent idea so as the snow won't knock it over.
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How wide is the deck on your lawnmower? I'd put the fence two or three mower passes away from the drive. I find it annoying to have to come back and make a full pass using only a bit of my mower deck.
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To be clear, two fences are mentioned in this post. A livestock fence and a snow fence. I believe the question is in regard to the livestock fence.
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I have a two-band of electric fence on T posts that is right next to my driveway (2' +/-) Each fall I remove the bottom tape and the snow will just pile past the T posts. That area does not get a lot of drifting so it is not much concern for me.

What kind of fence are you installing? How big of snow piles have you gotten in the past? What are you using to plow?
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Thank you all for your thoughts everyone. I have the room, so I will simply move my fence back a bit more. And FYI: were installing a wooden post and rail fence for our horses. I suspect the piled up snow would indeed push on our bottom rail or the posts, so moving it back makes perfect sense. (the snow fence will be temporary and about 100 away on the opposite side of the driveway).

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