puzzling gate latch

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puzzling gate latch

What is this pivoting striker bar supposed to accomplish?
All it does is make it harder to latch the gate from the other side because the striker bar fall down and don't go into the catch.
Was it installed wrong?

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Kind of looks like a hack job because from the outside you would never get it to latch.
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It might have worked originally but it looks like the gate has sagged a good bit taking it out of range where it might work.
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That latch was meant to allow you to walk out the gate without locking yourself out, by sliding the striker bar down.
When you do want the gate to latch, you lift the striker bar up.
As noted above, it looks like the gate has sagged enough that the bar is no longer aligned with the latch.

In most cases, a simple diagonal threaded rod type brace from bottom left to top right will fix things (over time) because a gate that took years to sag will take a few days or weeks to fix- just slowly tighten the rods every other day.
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There's a hole at the top of the moving part of the latch. That is to tie a string or fishing line to, through some screw eyes, with a weight at the other end, to gain access from the other side. Pull the string from the outside and the latch opens.

I see 2 problems with this picture. The striker bar should be horizontal all the time. It should be possible to tighten it and brace it so it doesn't fall down as in the photo. And the 2 halves are no longer aligned due to sagging. You might be able to get the bar to fit in the latch without moving either part. If not, I would lower the latch to match up with the striker bar.

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Originally Posted by RocketJSquirrel
The striker bar should be horizontal all the time.
Not necessarily-being able flip the bar below the catch (so the door doesn't) lock is VERY handy when you're bringing in a wheelbarrow load of mulch through the gate and need both hands to move a full wheelbarrow.
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It is a sort of self adjusting gate latch. The pivoting bar should be attached using the bottom screw instead of the top and aligned to mate with the lock. It is designed to float enough so that if the gate does sag a bit, it will still latch. The lock part has a hole in the upper latch. There should be a string attached there and to the top of the fence or post so that you can reach the string and unlatch the gate from the outside.
Change the bolt to the bottom screw and relocate the lock for correct fit.
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Pivoting latch assembly

Pivoting latch; Its a bad design. But it works with gates that are installed slightly off or gates that eventually settle or sag. Most other latches just do not work if the gate sags but this type of latch puts it on you to lift the latch bar rather than lifting the gate to allow the latch to catch.

As I said it works, but it wouldn't have to be there at all if the gate was installed correctly in the first place. plus its very unattractive to the entranceway of your home.

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