Help with fence material list

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Help with fence material list

Okay so I measured out for our front fence, normally my contractor husband would do all this but he's unfortunately been entirely too busy and I need to order this stuff yesterday. It's 49ft down, 39 & 4 down, 108 ft across. It'll be wooden posts with wire fencing and two gates ( one on each side "down"). I believe he said posts should be 8ft on center. One gate is to be the "farm style" 4 ft wide. The fence is to be 5ft high thicker gage wire (this is for our dogs and kids) and posts cemented in. I know this is pretty unconventional to ask and I'll answer whatever questions to facilitate.

Gate style (not double swing, just single 4ft)
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I am confused by the two "down" dimensions. Are you describing a U shaped fence where each leg is: 49'0", 108'0" x 39'4" ?? If so add up your lengths and divide by your post spacing to know how many posts. It won't divide out evenly so figure if you'll go a bit longer or shorter spacing between posts to make the math work or if you'll add an extra post on each leg creating an odd space between two with all the others spaced an even 8'..

You mention wanting two gates but only describe one "farm style". With both be the same size? What is a "farm style" gate? You posted pictures of two different types. Wooden gates tend to be heavier than steel prefabricated ones. And keep in mind that a steel pipe gate has big openings. Good to keep cattle and horses in but kids and dogs can go through pretty easily.

Then you'll have to figure how and where the gates will be located. Will the gates be able to use a fence post (needing only one extra post for each gate) or will the gates require their own posts (two posts for each gate)?

What type of posts are you going to use? 4x4 square or round? Square is easier to mount a gate but rounds may be less expensive and have a different aesthetic, more farm like to my eye.

Will you do diagonal bracing at the corners and gates? Both of your photos show bracing of two different types. You will need to order that material as well.
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You need 200 feet of wire. The wire will come in rolls of a particular length. The number of rolls needed will be based on the length of each roll.
28 posts (including braces at each gate and 2 braces at each corner)
Gate hardware and 2 gates.
Ready mix to concrete in each post.

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