woman seeks handgun advice

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woman seeks handgun advice

I recently obtained a license to carry and am now ready to purchase a handgun for the purpose of personal protection. Can I have advice on what would be a good purchase?
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Smile I would be very happy to help you.

I will need some info like. Will you be carrying the gun in a purse made for carring a gun? What do you know about the 2 types of guns most used, the Semiauto Pistol & the double action Revolver?

Have you learned why some bullet sizes & types are better 1
or 2 shot stoppers? Will you be practicing on a regular scedule?

There are no one type fits all Hand Guns. We all have to think about how this tool will fit into our life, Weight & size play a great part. I know some who bought Handguns that were perfect for repeling a Home invasion. Only they were way to large to carry outside where your are so much more at risk than you will ever be at home.

You can gather 20 different pieces of advice from 20 different people, & not one would fit your life style. Focus on carry, type, Cartridge & what you need to get the job done. The Job ( telling the Officer your story, of how this now decesed Man had tried to kill you with a knife & you had to shoot to stop him).

Let's start there & we will have you able to walk free of fear the way it should be. Congrats on getting your license to carry, that is a fine first step.





Some links to help you get some ideas of what's out there for Ladies. It's been just a very short time since Women were looked at as gun owners, with special needs.

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i will do nothing but echo what maturo said. guns are like shoes, golf clubs, etc...find one that FITS you best and one that you are comfortable with. typically, most gun ranges will have guns you can rent to try out. i would suggest trying out a few and then go from there. dont be talked into $900 guns unless its the one you want. again, its like buying a car...take them for test drives and decide which one you like the best.

then...the most important thing about owning a gun. learn it inside and out! know EVERYTHING about safety and how to use it in any situation. the more you practice golf, the better you are...same thing with owning a gun...shoot it often!

let us know if you have any more questions...we will all be happy to walk you through the process!
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This is from the VPC web site you mention..
In conclusion, the belief that the mere possession of a firearm, usually a handgun, offers both security and personal empowerment has long been a fixture of male mythology in our culture. New efforts to peddle this myth to women are more than a matter of trying to sell shopworn goods. It is a bad solution to a real problem, one guaranteed to make it worse, not better.
I mean no offense by this but the VPC is an ANTI gun organization and its information is slanted in that direction. i.e.:Women don't need guns, they will be used against them. Guns are a health issue.. guaranteed to make it worse, not better... ect.
With that said..
drkate: I'm glad you have decided to take responsibility for yourself and those you love. Remember: It is a big responsibility. Responsible gun ownership is something you should never take lightly. I urge you to learn all you can about gun safety.. the most authorative source for that is the NRA, it has been educating and training since its incorporation in 1871. NRA Website An NRA Basic Pistol class would be a good investment if your finances permit it. You may already have all the background information on this, seeing as you have already obtained you carry permit.
A good thing to do would be to contact your local NRA rep or local shooting range and simply ask them if they would like to assist you. I'm certain you will get the assistance you require. They may have members who are available to help you in this matter. I would suggest familiarizing yourself with the function of different self-defense firearms.. Revolvers.. easiest to operate and maintain, some are hammerless, (meaning relatively snag-free) quite a few are some of the lightest firearms produced. and semi-auto pistols.. higher capacity, more models, easier to reload in self-defense situations where fine motor skills are diminished. To paraphrase what marturo stated.. there is no 'one size fits all' firearm. When you find one model or design you like.. think about its functionality.. it doesn't have to be new.. just well maintained... also, will I be comfortable with this on my person for X hours per day, the price of ammunition may be a consideration if you are going to want to practice a lot.
There are many variables in the equation.
One thing that is not a variable is mindset.. if you are going to carry a firearm for self defense.. you must know that you may be required to use it. Some people have issues with this. If you know your life and the lives of those you love are of far more importance than the life of anyone who would dare use violence to deprive you of them, then you are of the right mindset.
In closing, I would at least recommend a first step towards resolving the 'what gun' issue would be to check out a book called "In the Gravest Extreme" by Massad Ayoob - can be found at one of these sites... Ray Riling Arms Books or Armor of New Hampshire or.. Backwoods Home Magazine
This is a no nonsense book filled with information on the subject and of immeasurable value. I look forward to hearing of your progress in this pursuit. Please keep us informed.
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Oh- as an afterthought... FYI/OBTW

The Four Rules of Gun Safety

1. All firearms are always loaded.
2. Always keep a firearm pointed in a safe direction.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
4. Always be sure of your target and know what is behind it.

Rule 4 is slightly more complex than written. Bullet trajectories are not straight lines, not everything stops bullets, and not every shot hits its target. Shooting in any direction that doesn't have a known adequate, visible backstop is very dangerous and should be done only in the most extreme situations if at all.

Miscellaneous other rules
What goes up must come down, just not quite as fast. Don't shoot a firearm into the sky in celebration. This violates rules 2 and 4.
If there are children around who haven't been taught to respect firearms, keep firearms in your personal possession or locked up.

To restate....
Always treat firearms as if the were loaded, and if it's loaded, you don't want to point it at anything you're not willing to destroy by putting your finger on the trigger and discharging a firearm in an unknown direction!
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Hi drkate

general said: To the Choir.

In conclusion, the belief that the mere possession of a firearm, usually a handgun, offers both security and personal empowerment has long been a fixture of male mythology in our culture. New efforts to peddle this myth to women are more than a matter of trying to sell shopworn goods. It is a bad solution to a real problem, one guaranteed to make it worse, not better.

drkate made a statement as have many others have made, that the same old " Your gonna shoot yer eye out" is no longer working. I included the VPN site, to help show a change in the Gun industries mind set on women & guns. Also do read the antigun sites it helps to see what they are saying to your friends, then you can counter with the truth.

After all it was not the Antigun gang that dragged their feet in producing firearms & carry gear for women. Today we Men & Women have small powerful handguns, fanny packs & many types of carry gear, thanks in large part to Women shooters demands.

Over the pasy 2 decades I have taught Men & Women how to use the handgun in a life & Death encounter. I like my teachers in the Armed Forces were able to teach people how to shoot. One part of the equasion we were unable to teach was how to Kill. That comes when it happens & no one knows how they will react when faced with having to kill another human.

When the classes were over & the smoke cleared, I would get the class together. There are 2 important facts you must never forget.
1. Having a gun does not mean you can now drop the most important aspect in staying alive. Awareness of your world & who is watching you is the best way to avoid an attack.

2. Find an IDPA group in or near where you live, join & stay with it. International Defensive Pistol Associtaion is as close as you can get to real world training. The first time I went to an IDPA shoot I wanted to do well yet had no idea what I was in for. The had me sitting at the breakfast table & I would have a bad guy kick in the door. I had to get from table to a dresser & get my handgun & shoot the bad guy without getting shot.

So I'm sitting there & a cardboard door & dummy come busting in I through the bowel full of rice krispies at the dummy knocking the head backwards, dove to ground knocked over the dresser for cover, got my handgun & put 3 center mass.

As I removed my ear protection the whole bunch were laughing their heads off. What had I done wrong? As the laughter died down the Safety Officer walked over & said they are not laughing at you in fact you just showed us the true nature of why we practice like this. I found out later that they decided to not put coco puffs in the bowel & in fact they taught everyone to throw anything they had at the bad guy if it would buy you some time to get to your weapon.

I still believe you need to focus on what gun, calibur & carry equipment that will not hinder your everyday life. Then find a group or find classes & stay with them. Truth is in a gun fight those who survive allways default to their training. If you practice not to spill the coco puffs because you have to clean them up. You will never through the bowel when the real thing happens & that may just cost you your life.

Also while In the Gravest Extreme" by Massad Ayoob may be a great book, I own a signed copy myself. The book Armed & female will speak to you as a Woman by a Women, & this will take you up to speed faster.

The handgun & CCW is just the begining of learning how to win a Gun fight & that is after all, why we own a firearm to save our life & the lives of our loved ones.
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Your replies to my question have opened my eyes. I'm realizing that there is a lot more to gun ownership than having the license.
Of course, I realize that if I am carrying I may some time actually have to shoot someone but your description Marturo of an actual practice scene of what that may be like was alarming.
I will research the IDPA group you mention and also the NRA the local rod and gun club and check out the literature that has been mentioned.
I am in a suburb of Boston. Guns aren't the topic of conversation very often. (never). I'm glad to have your input and will keep you informed of my progress. Thanks.
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Smile Good choice.


Please feel free to ask any questions you may have along the way. Believe me I know all to well how we must watch what we say (In certain company ) about Firearms in America. DIY has some very fine people who are willing to offer their help.

However just as I chose to restore a 1972 Chevrolet Impala & a 1969 Cheverolet C/10 Pickup as our primary modes of transportation. There is no difference in the choice of our tools, we chose to protect ourselves.

The heavy metal for Human body protection in a car crash, & the heavy lead, in the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol cartridge, used in a made by Star Arms small 6 shot Fire Star Pistol.

If I don't take precautions to protect myself & my Family. Who will do it for me? We both know the answer to that
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I am in a suburb of Boston. Guns aren't the topic of conversation very often. (never).
Well, as you get further along into it, you'll find it coming up more and more. That is as it should be. The more urbanized east coast tends to forget that there are wild things out there. Hopefully you'll never have to make use of the tool you choose to carry for its intended purpose.
Like marturo said...
Awareness of your world & who is watching you is the best way to avoid an attack
Avoidance has got to become more of an issue in your mindset as well. I assume you have heard the saying "Every bullet that comes out of your gun has a lawyer attached to it?" Well, in truth that is the case... if you don't already have an attorney... find one that specializes in this type of issue (reputable ones usually advertise in the state shooting association monthly magazines) get his number and call him and tell him you're going to put his number in you purse/wallet and you will call if ever the need arises. He shouldn't charge anything for this and give him your number so if he decides to relocate/retire he can put you in touch with another attorney. Best to be prepared, and have your bases covered. As I've said before... there are many variables....
My personal gear is a Kimber Pro Eclipse .45 ACP or a Taurus Model 85UL in .38 SPL - one was kind of expensive and one was not... One is a semi-auto and one is a revolver... I have to keep up on both types... remember.. don't overlook the used market... there are good resources online, use them to your avantage. Educate yourself on the average prices of the firearms you are interested in. Gunbroker.com, sportingarms.com and other sites will have this info.
Take care and good luck.

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