Help with Beretta 7.65

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Help with Beretta 7.65

First, I can't seem to find much information on a gun I inhierited. I know little about pistols. 1954 is stamped on one side and 858428 on the ohter. I can provide digital pictures if you need them but it looks like a model 1935.

Recommended ammo?
Worth $$?
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Is this it?

Beretta 1935
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Yes, that does look like it so I guess the 1954 is the year manufactured? Are these good guns?
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Dunno about the good gun or not. I just did a Google search for Beretta 1935 and came up with several pages of info.

Rich (make mine a 1911) in VA
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Thats a pretty neat little gun you got there. You said you inherited it? Was it from someone in the military? There is a gun "bluebook" where you can look up the value of it. You can get it online or maybe barnes and noble. I think they are on the 25th edition. here it is.

Recommended ammo?...just regular ball ammo (its a 32acp). remington, winchester, etc.
Parts? thats tough since its out of production, you would have to search for those.
Worth $$? see above
History? do a websearch. i can tell you it was a military issue gun, thats about it.
Accuracy? probably pretty good to 15-25 yards or so. depending on condition, etc. if you dont know much about guns, take it to a reputable gunsmith in your area and have them do a once over to make sure all parts are in good, working condition.

enjoy that little gun..pretty neat!!
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Thanks for all the replies. I've shot the gun a few times and found it does what it was designed to do- hit things at close range. I got it from my dad who got from his dad who got it from a buddy on the local police force. I have someone who wants to buy it but I wanted to learn about it before I set a price. I don't collect guns and have only two others but thought I might use the money for a good .22 plinker for raccons and possums here "on the farm".

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