Where would I get one?

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Where would I get one?

I am hearing that a .50 caliber machine gun can be publically purchased. (Licenses, permits, back ground checks, safety courses, and certifications required of course.)

Where could I get one of these magnificent miracles of modern technology?

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Where would I get one?

Hello, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I believe that caliber has been banned in your state period. As far as purchasing a .50 caliber Browning machine gun, it can be done but the cost for the firearm alone would be thousands of dollars. Ammo is around 3 to 5 dollars a round and you first have to apply for and be granted a Class 3 license to possess, known as a Form 4, from the BATF. Before the license will be granted you have to have the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in your jurisdiction okay your application. If they have not upped the fees it is two hundred dollars and several months wait just for the license. If you are refferring to a .50 BMG rifle, the maker is in your state but as I said, legislation was passes in California banning .50 BMG. A Google search will turn up all sorts of interesting information for you and will explain the laws inyour state if you search far enough. Jake
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Yes, a .50 cal Browning is fun. I got to shoot one on an ROTC base tour when I was in school. It is a real monster. Not really fast firing, but it does make a resounding thunk, thunk, thunk (wearing ear plugs) sound. There was no concealing it's power. I'm sure if given the chance I'd fire a Barrett .50 BMG rifle but I imagine it would leave a mark.

Back to reality: I shoot a lot and on my range I use mostly smaller, less expensive calibers. A .45 is a great pistol caliber but for target shooting a 9mm is quite a bit cheaper per round and a .22 is cheaper still. A .30-06 is a real bang, but shooting paper targets with a .223 requires the same skill and costs a whole lot less.

If you live in Cali. and really have an urge to do some large caliber blasting there are some companies in Nevada that will let you play with their toys. You can even arrange to shoot something belt fed from the door of a helecopter if you've got the money.

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