Browning Auto 5 Shotgun

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Browning Auto 5 Shotgun

I Have A Auto5 12 Ga Mag Does Any One Know If I Can Put A Light Recoil Spring And Friction Piece In So I Can Shoot Light Loads I Realylike The Gun But It Wont Kick Out The Light Loads
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If you haven't already done so I'd first get a brass cleaning brush 1 gauge larger that your gun and really clean the chamber area of your shotgun. When you shoot a shell a small amount of plastic is deposited in the chamber area and cause hard extraction which may be why your gun won't work with light loads. I'd also clean everything else and slick it up to reduce as much drag as possible. Hope this helps. rugerman
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Check the friction ring position (long post)

I hope I can explain this so it is understandable. Iím intentionally being elementary because I donít know your level of knowledge regarding the nomenclature/operation of this recoil system. It is not intended to offend or impugn in any way.

Take the cap and barrel off of the shotgun. The barrel ring that is welded to the barrel sits on top of a bronze friction piece that has a flexible blue steel ring around it. The bronze piece is beveled on the outside diameter of one end and the bronze bevel ALWAYS points toward the muzzle. The beveled end of the bronze piece ALWAYS rides against the welded barrel ring. There is a blue steel friction ring that is not flexible and has a bevel on the inside diameter of one end. The placement of this non-flexible friction ring determines whether the gun is set up for light or heavy loads.

Heavy load - The bronze piece and the non-flexible friction ring are situated together on top (toward the muzzle end) of the recoil spring. In this configuration the inside bevel on the friction ring should be pointed toward the muzzle covering the flat side of the bronze piece. The bevel on the non-flexible friction ring assists in compressing the bronze piece for the heavier recoil.

Light load Ė The non-flexible friction ring is moved to the receiver end of the recoil spring and flipped over so the bevel points toward the receiver. This takes the friction ring out of the equation completely and allows the bronze piece to operate independently for light loads.

If this explanation is as clear as mud, there should be some Auto-5 manuals floating around online and there is a schematic for what I have just explained. Hope this helps.

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