Opinions Wanted: Browning BDA-380

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Opinions Wanted: Browning BDA-380

This gun (BDA-380) is about a 1990 version; has a 13-round capacity.
Not blue steel....I think it’s nickel or stainless. (or both)
It has beautiful wood hand grips, it also comes with two clips, an “inside the pants” holster, two boxes of Federal HydraShock ammo and the gun itself looks to be in "mint" condition.

The owner says the gun has not been fired much (500 rounds tops) and by the looks of it; I would tend to believe him. The sliding mechanisms don't look worn and it the gun is clean and well lubricated.
He's asking $500 for it! Seems a bit high to me but I'm not familiar with this gun.

Is there a website where I can get an idea of the value of certain guns? Does $500 sound about right for this gun?
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Bda 380

You can go to gunbroker.com and get an idea of what there selling for and from my book it shows a value of 350 .00 vg condition, 500.00 excellent condition, I saw on gunbroker.com one in excellent condition with a buy it now of 450.00 dollars I had sold a few back when I had worked for a local gun shop and hadn,t heard of any problems or returns with them so from what I remember they were a ok, hope this helps.
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Junk do not buy this gun.
One of the few Browning products that I cannot recommend to anyone.
I bought one new. I liked the size and wanted to try a .380 hi capacity.
The gun with almost any type of ammo would flare out the inside of the slide and was hard to take apart for cleaning. Browning checked and replaced the recoil spring and asked what type of ammo I shot. Just anything I found to shoot, nothing special.
The gun kept damaging itself and I complained about it. I stated that when plinking that this gun keeps damaging itself to the point you had to beat it apart to clean it.
They sent me a letter stating that the gun was for self defense and was not a plinking style gun. They also stated that I was using ammunition that was too powerful.
I told them that for $425 in the late 1980s for that gun and the Browning name that it had better shoot anything that I put in it.
I sold the gun at the next gun show to some unsupecting fool.
Without a doubt the worse gun I have ever owned.
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For a good general guide on the going rate on new and used firearms, look at Gunbroker and Auction Arms.com for what things are going for and selling for.

$500 is a tad on the high side for a nice BDA. They are very very nice guns, but a bit bulky if CCW is your intended purpose. Kind of fat in the grip, IMHO. But, they're a nice design and very comfortable to shoot. If I carried a pistol that big, I'd go up to a more substantial caliber, as .380 is pretty weak.

I would think $450 is a good average used price for a nice used one based on what I've seen at the gun shows and online.

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