Winchester .22 model 290 jams


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Winchester .22 model 290 jams

I have an old 290 semi-auto that I received from my grandfather. it jams quite often. But here is the odd thing, it only jams with a ball round. if I use hollow point the rifle does not jam. What I mean by jamming is that the brass gets caught as it is being ejected and the next round is loaded. This does not happen with the hollow points. I had thought maybe I purchased a better quality round with the hollow points, but tis is not the case. a quality ball round will jam every 2-4 shots and the cheap hollow point will not.

any ideas? local gunsmiths are confused.
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I am certainly no expert but my experience with firearms is that guns sometimes favor certain ammunition.

My deer hunting rifle is a Parker Hale conversion of an Enfield .303 calibre WW2 rifle.
Took it to a gunsmith for mis-feeding and after paying forty bucks for a "clip adjustment" wound up with the same problem.

Turns out that if I use a 180 gr Federal PSP they flow through my action like water but if I use an almost identical Winchester pointed bullet they will sometimes fall out of the clip while trying to insert it into the rifle.

Not exactly sure what that "ball round" looks like but I had problems trying to feed .22 cal shot ammo through my Ruger 10-22.

Might just have to move on to different ammo.
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See if you can find a web site for the manufacturer of the ammo you use. I checked C.C.I. and the hollow points have a little more velocity and muzzle energy than their round nose ammo. That could relate to a stronger slide throw and less smoke stacking.
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Try this

Hi, I have seen and heard of similar troubles in assorted small caliber arms. Dont want to insult your intelligence but have you totally taken the gun down and cleaned it. Often a dirty slide and or spring mechanisms will cause jambing if they are not clean. Secondly I it is a common misconception to oil the crap out of everything. Nearly all of my past problems such as this with .22 autos has been eliminated with a thorough cleaning and using a dry lubricant such as graphite powder. There are other dry lubes with silicone which function ok but I lean towards graphite. When you have the gun disassembled run your fingers accross lands and guides to feel for burrs, nicks and such also. Everything should be smooth. Otherwise you may want to conslt your local gunsmith to examine the extractor and its integrity. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Model 290 Problems.

Had the same problem. If the gun jams by not extracting the shell casing, the extractor arm is too worn. If it jams while inserting a new bullet, then there is probably a burr on the inside of the chamber feed. this is caused generally by dry-firing. Also there may be too much oil/grease build-up at the chamber mouth. This whole area around the chamber mouth should be kept dry as a desert bone. The repairs can be done by a quality gunsmith fairly easy. Hope this helps.
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Why do you want to argue with the rifle?
If it only likes cheap hollow points---only feed it cheap hollow points.
BTY---no ammo is cheap today........................
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same problem with my Rugar pistol. Ammo with square tips jamb in feed mode. Rem. with the round tips feed very well. Although some Rem. ammo used too use a wax. I think it was too slide better. I doesload up a little too

Good luck Sodi
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Some .22s are very prone to jaming. If you find an ammo that works but it in bulk and be glad you found an ammo that works reliably.
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Amazing....never had a jam from any of my Rugers..pistols or rifles..unless I was using standard velocity or subsonic ammo. I've never even had problems with homemade flatpoints or hollowpoints.
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Now, Vic, I know y'all are talking Rugers, but ammo has a lot to do with stove piping in Colt 45 autos. Super vels (RIP) fluid feed. Cheap round nose, seems like every third clip will have a bad one.
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Thats kinda odd...never had a problem with white box 230gr RN...cause thats what the basic gun was designed for. Now when I started making a few changes and started using the Starfires and Hydroshocks or 185gr HV stuff, I had to polish the feedramp and change the recoil and mag springs to get back to 100%.

Prob depends a lot on the make and model you start with. Or maybe my guns all know I won't put up with that kinda
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70 series Commander. My slide lock engages automatically when it sees a white box.

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