Safe and secure sale of firearms

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Safe and secure sale of firearms

I have a collection of rifles,pistols that I have collected over the years. Many are well used and not worth a whole lot but I would like to turn them into cash if possible. I know that pistol sales really should go thru a dealer but do I need to sale the rifles and shotguns that way? FFL dealers would probably wipe any profit I would make from them if handled that way.
What do you gun handlers think?
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I'm not sure of other states, and this may be a federal thing I'll have to check.... In Texas, any gun sales made solely within the state do not require anything. Any sale made outside of the state requie an FFL regardless if it is a hand gun or long gun. However, if an FFL is a party to the transaction the form 4473 must be used in any case.
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How you sell your firearms would be dependent on which state you live in assuming you are in the US.
Although this is not my favorite information source here is some info that may be relevant.

If I were to sell any of my firearms one thing for sure is that I would do so in such a way as to not have strangers coming to my home to view them.

It may be helpful to know which state you are in.
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gun sales

even if no paperwork is required in your location, I always record the type of gun and serial number, and get a copy of their drivers license or other valid ID. If they can't/won't give me that, no sale.
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A witness would be a good idea, having them sign the bill of sale. Just to prove when it left your posession, just in case. Also, have you considered people you know, word of mouth. And you can get values at a gun shop or pawn shop. Figure they are offering bottom dollar.
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Received 1 Upvote on 1 Post and are two auction sites that a lot of people use. You would have to have a FFL do the shipping for you but it may be worth it to get a better price for you guns.

Where I live a face to face sale of long arms does not require any paper work but a pistol is suppose to go through a FFL.

Good luck.
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You could try the consignment route at a gun shop. What kind of firearms are they? Miltary, police?
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I sell and buy many guns
I rarely use an FFL and rarely ask for or give receipts

I will show my license only because it required that you confirm that I am a resident of your state but you are not writing it down because you have no reason to

Most of my sales are on a local forum and have never had an issue

Fed law says that you must be over 18 and a resident of my state with no felony record or intent to misuse the firearm for me to sell you a gun, long guns require that you be a resident of a contiguous state
As long as state law does not conflict with that the sale is good

I would never pay someone to sell my guns for me or accept the meager offerings on a gunshop that is going to double the price
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a Gun or pawn shop is likely to offer you less than half the value.
Gunbroker or gunamerica is one way to get rid of the guns, but can be a hassle for the first time seller.
I'm a collector and have no problem going through my FFL for out of state purchases, but in state I prefer to do it privately, and legally. Some states, like Kalifornia require all fireams sales to go through a dealer, who usually takes a cut of the price.

What do you have for sale?
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go to amazon .com & look up blue book of gun values

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