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Can I get a recommendation for a low-end handgun? I've never owned a gun but I'd like to start doing some target shooting and have a reliable one for home safety.

Any suggestions? I don't want to spend a lot, but I want to get a reliable one.

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You will find that due to the present political climate handguns are going for a premium, moving quite quickly in the gun stores. You will need to decide if you want a semi automatic or revolver. Try attending a firing range. They will, mostly, allow you to try different weapons out to see which one you can handle the best....action, caliber, size, etc. Then you can make an educated decision and go shopping, knowing what you want. Naturally I prefer certain makes, and you will have to make that decision based on your research and price, of course.
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Cheap..reliable...Hi Point.

I wouldn't have one, but my budget isn't restricted. The actually get pretty good reviews. Not a target pistol, but supposedly fun to shoot and not as bad as some may think.

A step up would be a Ruger SR-9 or a bit higher in price (i think) a Springfield XD.

Revolvers...can't go wrong with Charter or Taurus.

As was said, go to a good shop or range and see what they have.
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if you've never owned a firearm i could only recomend a revolver. five or six round capacity is up to you. you can keep the chamber on an empty cylinder for safety. get a double action so all you have to do is pull the trigger.
look at A Rossi. not expensive but a decent gun.
if you buy a .357 you can practice with 38 special ammo which is less expensive. go to a gun shop not a pawn shop and ask about training programs.
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+1 on the Hi-Point

I have seen new .380's, 9mm's and .40's for less than $200.00.

Plinkers, boat guns, truck guns. Nothing fancy, pull the trigger, they go bang, if it falls out of the boat, you haven't lost much.

9mm ammo is probably the least expensive for plinking.
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inexpensive, tarus 9 mm. shoots good, cheap ammo.

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just realized you also asked about home security, for that use glazzer safety shells or shot shells, what you don't want to do is penetrate is your exterior walls and possibly hurt someone in another house.

I like a pump shotgun with bird shot, no exterior wall penetration, and with a short barrel unlikely to mis, also will scare the poop out of your average thief with just the sound of the pump.

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Save yourself some money on ammo--buy a Browning Buck Mark Camper Stainless steel
.22 auto pistol---extremely accurate--no recoil--easy to clean ( SS )--
least expensive of all ammo--a really fun gun to shoot & has some nasty ammo for self defense................
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.22 is by far the cheapest to shoot - last time I bought ammo it was 10% of what I paid for 9mm. I would not use .22 for home defense. I also agree a revolver is a good choice for a first handgun. Not my first, but I bought a snub-nosed .38 S&W revolver a couple years ago and am pretty happy with it.
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Can I add - buy and use a trigger lock. A two year old in a neighboring town got his hands on dad's loaded pistol and shot himself in the head.

Mom's excuse was that she had told the kid not to touch it. Mom and dad were both charged with negligent homicide last week.
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It's very dangerous to have a loaded weapon w/ kids ( grandkids ) around. This makes
it usless (empty ) for self defense in the home. That's why I like an auto pistol--remove loaded mag.--jack open slide & remove bullet in chamber. Place loaded mag. in your pocket--
place weapon in any handy place--now it is easy to reach & it is safe from kids.
This works for me--an old man ( w/ grandkids )in a changing neighborhood.
If your gun has a trigger lock or ammo is stored away from weapon--forget using it for
a home invasion---it will be too late........................

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