Inherited Grandfathers Rifle and Shotgun


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Question Inherited Grandfathers Rifle and Shotgun

I have recently had the honor of inheriting my Grandfathers rifle and shotgun. My grandfather was a veteran of the Marine Corps 1936-1942 and a major influence in my life, but i never knew about these guns and this has come to be the first time I have ever come into contact with them.

I have a rifle
Winchester Model # 69A 22 short, long and long rifle that is a bolt action and does have a clip that bottom loads.
I also have a 410 shotgun single shot, with no serial numbers visible. the only marks are Springfield manufactured by J Stevens Arms Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. Proof tested 410 and a small stamp on the right side of the barrel of the # 21 within a circle.

I would never think of selling these, I just wanted to know a little more about each of these firearms and possible find out a date of production or any other useful information as well as value.

Thanks to anyone that can help.
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The 69a was manufactured somewhere between the mid 1930's and the mid 1960's. The Winchester site may offer a drill down of the specific serial number for an actual year of manufacture.
Not sure on the .410. Vic may check in here shortly and will have a wealth of information for you. Just for information, Stevens Arms made guns for Springfield, Savage, even made the Thompson submachine gun and the BAR for Browning.
Brings back memories. I had the same thing happen back in the 60's. My grandfather gave me his Winchester 1906 pump .22 saddle gun and a 12 gauge no name (that I can find) double barreled rabbit ear shotgun. No money would cause me to part with them.
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Winchester 69 ? .22 LR Bolt Action Has some good info...

I'm not sure of how to find its actual age since they didn't use serial numbers... the 69A appeared to have been made from '37-'63. Value varies mostly based on condition and a few things like magazine size, scope mounting, etc. Everything I can find says its a shooter..not a collectible...of course to you its priceless. Most places list them for $250 or so in average condition. Since many were carried by youngsters few are in really great shape.

"J. Stevens Arms Company was founded in 1864 at Chicopee Falls, MA as J. Stevens & Co. In 1886 the name was changed to J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. In 1916, the plant became New England Westinghouse, and tooled up for Mosin-Nagant Rifles. In 1920, the plant was sold to the Savage Arms Corp. and manufactured guns were marked "J. Stevens Arms Co." This designation was dropped in the late 1940s, and only the name "Stevens" has been used up to 1990. Beginning in 1999, Savage Arms, Inc. began manufacturing/importing Stevens trademarked guns again, including rifles and shotguns.
Depending on the remaining Stevens factory data, a factory letter authenticating the configuration of a particular specimen may be obtained by contacting Mr. John Callahan (see Trademark Index for listings and address). The charge for this service is $20.00 per gun - please allow 6 weeks for an adequate response."

I wouldn't get my hopes up for much info...many of the Stevens records were lost and destroyed over the years.

I can't find my old copy of the Gun BlueBook...or I'd see if there was anything on either one.

Maybe one of the other guys will come up with something...
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Thanks for the great info guys, and of course to me these guns are priceless. I plan on having them cleaned up and the 22 I do plan on taking out to my property in the country to throw some lead at some targets.
My mother did however find some dated pictures of my granfather with both of these guns shortly after he returned from WWII. So I would guess these to have been produced in 30's or early 41 or 42.
Thanks again for all the interest and info and I am glad I could stir up some memories for you Chandler.
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If you give those guns to someone to "clean up" make sure you are specific with what you want done.

My father found a single shot 1902 H&R 12ga in a field in Ohio in the late 1950's with the end of the barrel split cartoon style. He cut the split end of the barrel off and used it for a snake gun. He than gave it to me and I took it to the gunsmithing school at my local community college. The only direction I gave them was 1" over legal barrel length and about $100. The gun came back beautiful but in the process of polishing out almost 100 years of pitting they polished off the stamping on the side of the receiver. I really liked seeing the 1903 date stamped on the side and now it is gone.

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