Hornady Superformance

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Hornady Superformance

I has anyone else noticed that the "little/no added recoil" claim of Hornady Superformance might not be true? I have not noticed a difference in recoil with smaller calibers but their offering in 35 Whelen has been kicking the snot out of me. 225 grain ammunition from Buffalo Bore kick considerably less.

Today I finally got out the chrono to find out why the Hornady's kick so hard and their Superformance 200 grain were averaging 2'940 ft/sec 15' from the muzzle of my 22" barrel. That's 3'800+ pounds of energy! Hard to believe from something using a .30-06 case. I normally hunt with the Barnes 180 grain factory load which is moving at the same speed but is a recoil cream puff by comparison.

I have not tried Hornady's Superformance in heavier calibers. Has anyone noticed an increase in recoil over other ammunitions (in bigger calibers)? I'm wondering if it's a fluke of the 35 Whelen or if it just happens to be at the point where I find recoil offensive?
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I've never used the Superformance ammo so I don't have firsthand knowledge of it , but according to Newton if you increase the energy of the projectile, you increase the recoil. I've always figured the recoil claims were just marketing since the laws of physics can't be repealed. I would expect the recoil to be increased in all the calibers they load them in, the smaller ones just don't have enough recoil to cause you to notice it.

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