Ruger SP101 Purchase - Not Happy

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Ruger SP101 Purchase - Not Happy

I just picked up a Ruger SP101 from my local dealer this afternoon and I'm not happy with my purchase. I bought the revolver on and liked the looks of it and based on the manufacturer's specs, I thought it was more similar in size to my Taurus Tracker. However, it is quite a bit smaller--to small for my liking. I made the mistake of taking the gun home anyway and now come to find out that the dealer I bought it from won't accept a return because I went through with the transfer and he can't accept a return because of liability reasons. I didn't really make my mind up definitively until the ride home, unfortunately. I re-listed the revolver on and while creating my listing I found that I had to list the gun as "Used" based on their criteria. Pretty upset about it. I really don't want to take a huge loss on the deal simply because I walked out of the dealer's door. Other than listing it on, any suggestions as to how to recoup nearly what I paid for it (e.g. gun show, etc.)?
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No returns is common and normal for firearms so...

Short of explaining your situation and hoping to find a understanding buyer I don't know if their is much more you can do. It's your word as someone unknown on the Internet that the gun is new and unfired. It's like a new car loosing $1 or $2k when you drive it off the lot. Or, trying to sell a car on the Internet as "new" even though it's been driven off the lot. Your best bet might be someone at a local gun or shooting club but I doubt you will get your new price.

You're not alone. I feel the same way about a Ruger LC-9 that I bought new. Yes, it's as advertised but the trigger pull is about three miles long...
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What PD said. No gun or pawn shop is going to give you full price. Best bet is to list it locally so that the person can inspect it and see your paperwork. Any ranges or gun clubs around? They normally have "for sale" boards. You'll probably still take a hit, but not too big.

The SP101 is a fine gun, but it is promoted as a small frame for daily defensive carry (with the short barrel). In .22 they make nice kit/trail guns.

When you say too small, do you mean because of recoil or just doesn't fill your hand? Possibly different grips would help? The stock ones are pretty good, just not very hand filling.

Some things I won't buy online unless I've seen/handled it in person somewhere.
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The easy answer is don't sell it for less than you paid. The gun is new and unfired correct? Even though you are a private party selling a gun, I see no reason you can not sell it as "new, unfired" at a gun show or to an acquaintance. There is also a newish site called "Armslist" similar to Craigslist that you can sell guns and gun-type items. Of course following State and Federal rules of selling a firearm should be followed. IMO - your only loss might be the transfer fee and any tax you paid. Guns hold their value much better than cars!
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Hello: mossman


I own the same gun. In 327 Mag caliber. Which I suspect yours is also. Found the stock hand grips to small also. Especially when firing the 327 mag caliber! Not much to hold onto for the power and recoil of the magnum caliber.

I added the after market larger grips. Increases the length of the grips just enough to allow pinkie finger to also have a hold on the grip. Still is a powerful hand gun in a small package for it's intended usage as a personal self defense weapon. Not for any type of on the gun range target practicing. IMO.

Keep it. Add the after market extension larger hand grips. You're much more likely to be happy with the larger grips and there feel in the hand. I was and still am. Grips can be ordered from the after market company listed in the owners manual, if memory serves me...

After market grips are easy to install. Fact is, the frame already designed for the clip that comes with the grips...

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In 327 Mag caliber. Which I suspect yours is also.
No, they're mostly 357's. He's got a 357 (prolly). Anyway, two smart options: 1) do like someone else said and try different grips. The sp101 is an awesome pistola. If you shoot it a bit, you might love it. 2) stick it on a shelf. It'll be worth the price of a slightly used sp101 from now until the end of time.

Armslist is the place to sell if you HAVE to sell. You're gonna end up paying for shipping costs, plus the buyer has to pay the ffl transfer (if it leaves the state). Actually, I should shut up. I'm in MN, and the buy/sell laws about guns are different in other states. At any rate, the BEST you're gonna do is the price someone is willing to pay, minus the price of shipping it to their ffl.

Seriously buddy, I'd look at a set of hogues or something and give it a chance to make you love it.
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I was in the same boat. I bought the Ruger SP101(with hammer). I did not like it because when firing 357, it takes a toll on your hand. When I down the ammo to 38 special, it was better. I was going to sell both my SP and GP so that I could get a S&W 686+. In the end, I kept it because it is a good gun that my wife could handle. Once I get my ccw, it is probably a good gun to carry. I am still going to get the S&W and planning to sell the GP.

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