.22 or pellet gun?

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.22 or pellet gun?

I live in a wooded, but residential area. I am having trouble with ground squirrels. I want to get either a .22 rifle or handgun or a .177 pellet gun. For use with other wildlife in addition to chipmunks.

Would I likely get arrested for using a .22? Is that a loud firearm in comparison to the air rifle? Could I fire a .22 from my window indoors with little noise or odor?

I probably already know the air rifle is the right way to go about it but I rather invest in a real gun.

What do you think?
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Best to check local laws, it's likely illegal to discharge a firearm in a residential area!
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A pellet gun will have next to no report, but may not skirt the intent of local ordinances. It would be like putting a silencer on an M40. Check locally first.
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Discharging a firearm in most city limits is prohibited. Also, even a .22 rifle (I would not recommend a pistol) still travels up to a mile if the bullet ricochets!

I would first recommend live traps and relocate the pests. If you insist on killing them, a good quality pellet gun would be the next best option.

A break barrel action pellet gun will have the power to kill squirrels humanly. Around 1000 fps or better is what you are looking for. You should be looking to spend $100 or more to do the job. A $39 pump up Daisy is not going to the job.
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I picked up a live trap from our local tractor store, but I had to do some bending and modifying to be sure a little red squirrel would not just squeeze out. It took a few different baits until I got my first, but apples and peanut butter seemed the best. Relocated 3 in short order once I got the bait they liked. A lot lower risk than discharging any gun, pellet or 22.

If you are far enough out in the country, no one knows or cares. But since you are worried about the sound, doesn't sound like the area you should be shooting anything.

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Personally I'd go the no gun route and I'll add that I think the BB is the most likely projectile to ricochet, followed by the .22LR. They are fast enough to be dangerous but not fast enough to tear the bullet apart when it hits most objects. BB's are steel so they bounce/ricochet quite readily. Then there is the ever present danger of shooting your eye out...

When you mention residential area within the city limits or not I think it is not responsible to use a gun. Add in that you are concerned about noise makes me think your neighbors are rather close. Yet another strike against using a gun of any type. Traps are good but in a neighborhood you are likely to catch a cat so if you do go that route you much check the trap several times a day. A animal like the neighbor's pet cat caught in a trap during the summer might not live long in the hot summer sun.

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