Gunzilla CLP

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Gunzilla CLP

Does anyone here use Gunzilla as a gun/bore cleaner? Iíve been using it recently and like it as a cleaner, at least so far. Iíve been a Hoppes #9 guy since I was a kid because my father was.

Iím curious if any of you have used it either long or short term and what you think of it.

Iím still shy about using Gunzilla as a bore lubricant yet so Iím sticking with Rem Oil for that.

The .270 was easy to clean today, as it didnít get dirty this season...

Getting the Kentucky flinter out tomorrow for late season. My favorite season.
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I've only read reviews on it, but I think almost any modern cleaner/lube is going to do fine.

And just because it's the way I am...."a bore lubricant"? What, so the bullet goes faster? Lol
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Ed's Red bore cleaner recipe

Maybe you're not looking for a home recipe but I'll throw this in for anyone else:
Google "ed's red bore cleaner" for a recipe of cheap ingredients you can mix in any quantity to make a very popular bore cleaner. Having a gallon on hand eliminates the tendency to be stingy and not do a thorough job cleaning a gun bore. For example some like to cork the end and fill the bore and let it soak for hours instead of just running a swab through.
This recipe has been around many years and is a favorite of many shooters. It does have lubricating (anti-corrosion more accurately) qualities but many still prefer a final swab of their favorite lube for storage.

Equal parts:

Dexron II ATF (or IIe or III)
K1 kerosene (for space heaters)
Aliphatic (odorless)mineral spirits or Stoddards solvent or Varsol
(Optional 1 lb. of Lanolin, Anhydrous, USP per gallon, or OK to substitute Lanolin, Modified, Topical Lubricant, from the drug store)

Supposedly, the acetone can be left out, if your not cleaning shotguns or other weapons that have plastic residues, but the cleaner won't be as fast acting.
Supposedly the Dexron + kerosene mix (50/50) is highly effective "gun oil".
Supposedly one of the most effective penetrating oils available (beat all the commercial preparations)
Lanolin makes the solution easier on the hands and is a better long-term storage lubricant but can be left out if you maintain your guns at least a couple times per year

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Keep in mind that a penetrating oil should not be used as the final lubricant on a loaded gun - it's fine to use it in the cleaning process but needs to be removed before loading the weapon as penetrating oils can penetrate the cartridge and render the primer ineffective.

Try as I might, I can't recall the brand of oil I use to clean my guns but it only gets used as the finish oil on a weapon being stored empty.

Ah, finally came to me - Kroil:
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I like Kroil for many things. I have the liquid and aerosol Kroil. Black powder cartridge shooters swear by it as a lead remover. If they suspect that they have a leading problem they will soak the inside of barrel with Kroil. As Kroil supposedly penetrates into cracks 1/millionth of an inch thick, it will get behind and under the lead so it can be pushed out.

Then we need to figure out why we have a leading problem.

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