Semi-Automatic High Caliber Rifle


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Semi-Automatic High Caliber Rifle

Beside the Browning BAR Mk3 Stalker, is there another company that makes a semi-automatic rifle in 30-06 or 300 win mag?

I am looking to collect. No particular usage. I know many companies make bolt action for those calibers.
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Benelli R1 (AR type mechanism, but not looks) in both, Remington Woodsmaster in '06 only. (Assuming you want a more traditional looking rifle) Saw many AR lookalikes in .30-06 and .300 but never heard of most of the companies. A lot more .308 options since it's a short case. Of course, many of either type wouldn't be available to you in CA.

Btw, there are many more versions of the BAR in '06, not just the Stalker.
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Thanks GunGuy45.

I just looked up Benelli R1. It costs about the same (maybe $100 less) as the Browining Bar MK3. I know Benelli makes great shotguns but I wonder how the R1 vs MK3?

At some point, I will pickup an AR-10 too since I already have an AR-15 but my eyes are on a 30-06 or 300 win for now.
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This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but... the Civilian Marksmanship Program has M1 Garands again.
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Gunguy45 has it pretty well covered. The Browning, the Benelli R1, and a bunch of AR10-ish ones.

FN (which basically is the military arm of Browning) makes a half-brother to the BAR called the FN-FNAR. Same mechanicals as the Browning but with a detachable box magazine, pistol grip, Picatinny rail and 'military' finish rather than the BAR's high-gloss wood furniture.

Oh, and one other. The Ohio Ordnance M1918-A3. It's a knock-off of the military .30-06 M1918 BAR, not the civilian hunting rifle introduced in the 1960s. And it's built under license from Browning so it's Browning-branded and built to Browning standards. The original BAR was select-fire and fired from an open bolt (to prevent cook-offs), and both those had to go to dodge the NFA. And the internal design of the receiver is different so it won't accept parts from the select-fire BAR. Still, it's externally identical and a lot of the parts are original. Not OEM, original. As in (almost) hundred-year-old parts manufactured for use in the military weapon. As soon as the military signed the check they started building them like gangbusters because WWI already was in full swing and they were eager to make up lost ground. But when the war ended sooner than they were anticipating, they had oodles and oodles of parts built that the military never took delivery on. Something like one-third of the 50,000 they built ever got to Europe. So the Ohio Ordnance versions are built with a lot of the original parts that had been in a warehouse somewhere still packed in cosmoline all these years. Colt (which originally owned Browning's patent) already was running at capacity with other weapons systems so they passed along the BAR to Marlin-Rockwell -- who made the barrels used in the Ohio Ordinance rifles -- and to Winchester.

So the Ohio Ordnance M1918-A3 gets two thumbs-up for collectability but two bug-eyes for it's price tag, north of 4 grand. But an 'original' transferable select-fire M1918 will set you back at least 20 grand. And those are all used, and usually used hard ... so there's that.

Ohio Ordnance also sells a mall-ninja version of the M1918 called the Heavy Combat Assault Rifle, a SopMod (semi-auto) BAR updated with 21st-Century accoutrements, like synthetic (OD) furniture, collapsible stock, pistol grip, Picatinny rails, muzzle brake and 30-round magazines. It's also several hundred dollars cheaper than the military replica. And it's butt-ugly. Like Christina Hendricks in a kevlar pot and body armor (all the best bits are camouflaged).
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Thanks Fred for taking the time to provide that information. I think after reading your post and a couple of the other posts from other gun forums, I am going to play it safe and stick to the Browning BAR MK3.
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Ruger has a swappable .300 barrel and mag for their SR-556. It’s a high quality piston driven rifle.

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