Any other colt DA revolver fans?


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Matt Marsh
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Any other colt DA revolver fans?

Just found this forum today, thought I'd participate.

I love my colt revolvers. I own a 6" royal blued Python, a detective special, and a stainless 8" Anaconda. I've owned the Python for about 20 years, and have put thousands of rounds through it. The action is so smooth that it quickly became the one that I compare all others to. I'm not saying that they're the only gun in the world, I have owned, and still do own and enjoy several other brands and models of handguns, but the colts just seem to be my cup o tea. I would love to get my hands on a couple diamondbacks in both 22, and 38. Please Colt! Start selling these to the american public again!

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Hello and welcome Matt,

I still have Betsy, my 1970 Blued 6" Colt Trooper MK III. It has been with me hunting & Fishing through Jungle & Forest. Four out of six wild dogs fell to it's bark one evening. I was the main course, for supper that evening, coming back out of the bush.

I know now, that it was not a Python, because I had a 1980 Blued 6" Python NIB that I traded, for a new Colt AR-15 for my sister. Maybe I will find another someday. What a piece of workmanship a true American Classic. The Python that is, LOL

I bought that 1st Colt, because it felt like it fit me like a glove. I can understand how Colt Firearms with so many Police & Military Contracts, does not really think they need, our market. However in this world of Semi Autos, you would think that there would be, a big enough market for the Colt DA Revolvers, to make it worth their while to make them again. For Homeland defence you know

I have written Colt more than once, asking them to start production of the DA Revolvers and the AR-15s, for the American people again. They are not making anymore AR-15s, and when the current stock is gone, that's it for us. Write them an e-mail who knows it may work, at least they will know we want our Colts
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I also like Colt DA revolvers. Over the years, I've owned 5 different pythons, and foolishly have traded them to people that valued them a lot more than I did. I had a 8" Anaconda for a few weeks, but couldn't make it hit the target. I tried jacketed, as well as lead bullets....light loads, hot loads, but nothing would group. I've heard that the 1st model Anacondas had a problem with accuracy, but it didn't matter cause I traded it for a 8" S&W 629.

Now. I shoot a T/C Contender quite a bit, but from time to time, I still shoot my 4" blue, 38Special Diamondback that I bought in 1969 at the local K-Mart for $129. The Diamondback has had about 1000 round through it, but it still shoots the same as it did when it was new. Hard to beat a Colt.

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Matt Marsh
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Hi guys,

Wouldn't it be heaven to be able to buy a diamondback at Kmart today? Ahh the good ol days!

The one thing I did change on my python, is the grips. The wood ones with the raised checkering that came with it were terrible. I tried the Pachmeyers, but didn't like the seam on the inside. Then I found the Hogues. They fit me like a glove, and they're seamless.

I haven't put many rounds through my Anaconda, but the few that I have seemed to be right on target. Mine has the factory ported barrel, it amazed me how well that works. I do need a better scope for it, the one that the dealer through in when I bought it, is a used 2X Simmons. The eye relief lends me to believe that its more of an medium relief scope rather than an extended. The optics are lousy. Wished I would have kept the Burris that was on the 29 Classic I traded off a few years ago. I do plan on finding a better scope and loading up a bunch of cheap ammo this summer so I can get a better feel for the Anaconda. This one is mine forever.

Last fall I also traded off a Magnum Research Lone Eagle that was chambered for 35 Remmington for one of the new model Ruger 77 synthetic in 308 win (love it!). The lone Eagle was a beastly machine, not fun to shoot at all.

I'd love to own an AR-15, I should have bought one back in the early 80s when you could get one for under $500.00. I do own a couple Mini-14s though. They aren't ARs, but they're still dependable and fun to shoot. Matt
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R . Pennacchio
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Hi Matt
i own a357 python for the past 25 years i've bought and sold over the years but all ways kept the python i also hand load for her its a smooth piece
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inherited my fathers 4 " 357 trooper , Don't know exactly when it was made id guess pre 60 ' s that is the straightest shootin pistol ive ever fired, the action is smooth as butter, my favorite revolver.

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Thumbs up A fine piece of American Craftsmanship.

Hi Steve

Here is some information on you revolver. It may be a little heavier than todays Titainium cylinder revolvers of today but gone also is that butter smoooth double action of the troopers.

You can pass this one way down the line it has already proven the test of time. You can in some cases write the Company & with the ser# find out the date of Mfr.

Do you hand load?

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