NEED HELP!!! Completing a Fireplace

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Question NEED HELP!!! Completing a Fireplace

I need some guidance on how to finish off a fireplace that was apparently contructed for an insert instead of for burning wood. Here's the situation: It's a typical brick fireplace against the wall in the family room that contains an insert for burning wood pellets. The insert is operated by an electrical blower and damper adjuster to regulate the size of the fire and the amount of heat to be circulated. When I looked behind the insert, I noticed that there was no brick or concrete to support the burning of wood.

My plan is to remove the insert and build up the inside of the fireplace so that I can burn wood. I need some advice on the easiest way to accomplish this. Should I use brick or concrete? What preparation needs to be done prior to laying the brick or concrete? I'm a novice at this and need all the help I can get. THANKS.
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I need some information to give you an accurate advice: this "electrical fireplace" has a chimney? If affirmative, are you sure that it has the right dimensions for burning wood?

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The fireplace definitely has a chimney. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "the right dimensions for burning wood". Let me say that the opening of the fireplace where the wood would be placed is 40 inches across and 32 inches deep. I'm not certain of the size of the actual chimney area.

The area inside the fireplace opening is wider than 40 inches and easily allows for the construction of brick or other material. It currently is comprised of some type of ply wood or peg board.

It may be helpful if I provide some characteristics of the fireplace insert. It's made by Whitfield and covers the entire opening. There is what appears to be a galvanized-like tubing (about 5 inches in diameter) attached to the rear of the insert. There is what looks like aluminum foil wrapped around the end that is directed toward the chimney. A switch on the wall to the right of the fireplace (identical to a light switch) regulates the blower mechanism in the insert.

I've been able to move the insert just enough to see the construction of the area behind it. I haven't been able to move it enough to get inside of the opening and get a good look at the opening of the chimney. My plan is to wait until the spring before I attempt to remove/dismantle the insert and begin construction for wood burning. Since it's the winter season, I occasionally use the insert and don't want to disrupt it to the point where it may not function.

I hope this is helpful in gaining a better understanding of my problem. I sincerely thank you for your response and your interest.

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Completing a Fireplace


As I want to give my better advice, I will divide your question in two parts.

As I am not sure about the chimney section, I'll move your question to the "Fireplace" forum. As soon as they give you an answer about the chimney, please come back an I will be glad to help with your main question (the support)

I will be following the process,

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Hi i am trying to build a fireplace for christmas and all year around. But i would like that can move from room to room. Please help me before christmas. Thank You Annette Villanueva

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