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Natural Gas Fireplace cutting off

We have a natural gas fireplace. It comes on fine when we turn it on (via an electric switch) but after about 15 minutes, it cuts off, and will not come back on for quite a while. The pilot is still lit, and I don't smell any gas when it cuts off. The fireplace is only about 2 years old, and appears clean. Any ideas?

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Gas fireplace shuts off

Manufacturers of gas fireplaces recommend an annual servicing by a professional. From the standpoint of your personal safety and the safety of your home, this should be a priority.

Safety Features Built Into Every Fireplace
FMI Vent-Free Heat-Majic Fireplace Systems are design certified by the American Gas Association (ANSI Z21.11.2) and meet or exceed all regulations and safety performance standards for vent-free appliances. Additionally, these fireplaces perform well within nationally recognized standards for indoor air quality.

The dual-purpose safety pilot system protects against oxygen depletion and any interruption in the fuel supply. If either occurs, it shuts off the gas flow to the burner turning the heater off. An internal pressure regulator controls fluctuations in your gas pressure. These features ensure clean and reliable heat without the worry of burning wood.

Operating heater at very high elevations could cause nuisance outages.

Always refer to your owner's manual for operational, maintenance, and safety instructions.

Retrieved 05 December 2002.
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Hello A.S. Rollins and Welcome to our Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances forum.

Most likely possiblity could be a safety device is shutting off the burner. The safety devie most likely to be doing this is the heat sensor in the flue just below the damper, if the unit has a damper.

Newer gas fireplaces have no dampers or the open that is there is permanently blocked open. This is done to prevent accidential deaths from fumes should one forget to open the flue damper prior to turning on the fireplace.

If the unit is shuting down and then turning on some time later and doing so automatically, then it can be assumed a safety device is the cause.

Another possibility could be a weak pilot generator. The pilot generator <PG> is the round element part in the pilot assembly. it should be glowing red or an orange in color. Replacing that part may be required if it is 2 or more years old.

An excellent source for orginal replacement parts is your local retail appliance parts store and most gas fireplace appliance retail sales dealers. Appliance parts dealers have replacement parts for all gas log appliances. Parts dealers are listed in the phone book.

Retail parts dealers can also help determine what the possible problem may be. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. The info you provide will help to determine the problem causes.

For additional information read the postings pertaining to gas log or fireplace related topics. The questions asked describe like or similarly related problems as your question.

These prior postings and the replies offered within them contain all the required information needed pertaining to the many potential or possible problems with gas log appliances.

Use the search option to locate other postings on this subject and on heaters, which can also use pilot generators. The search option button is located up at the top of this page.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or questions, etc. Using the reply button also moves the topic back up to the top of the list automatically.

Regards & Good Luck. Web Site Host & Gas Appliances Forum Moderator. TCB4U2B2B Company Enterprises.
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Assumming you have a standing pilot model, As stated in an earlier post, a)the thermal couple could be defective. Or, b)the heat limit switch (if you have one) could be kicking in. Which means you may not be getting proper draft, thus the heat limit is tripping the system shutting it down. When there is an electrical problem, the fire will instantly go off just as if you turned the switch off.

If the fireplace starts off with a standard normal yellow fire and over time the flame begins to lift of the burner, turns mostly blue, then dies "a slow death", then your fireplace is not venting properly.

Having said all of this, you should contact your local fireplace shop.

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