Installing a Wood stove in garage??


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Installing a Wood stove in garage??

I am currently setting up my shop for metal fabrication and working on/building off-road vehicles. As you may know it gets very cold in the winter here, and I have a wood stove that I would like to install. It's a decent size wood stove, about 2 feet wide, and 3-4 feet long. My garage isn't insulated yet, but the walls are covered with 3/4" thick wood. Will this stove be able to heat up the garage to a decent temperature? The garage is about 17 feet wide by 24 feet long. If it could heat it up to a comfortable temperature, how long can I expect it to stay at a nice temp without adding more wood, when it is -25*C out?

I want to install this myself for as little money as possible. There are 2 decent sized windows I could put a chimney out of, but I'd rather put it in the corner out of the way. How would I go about putting a chimney in a hole in the wall, so that the heat doesn't get to the wood? How big of a hole would I have to make in the wall, and what would I put between the chimney and the wall?
What’s a safe distance to place the stove? How much should I elevate it off the ground, and how far should the stove and the chimney be away from the wall? Is there anything I can put around the stove, like bricks, to prevent heat from getting to the wall?
How much should this cost me? I have the stove but I would need to buy some chimney tube, and whatever else is needed...

Sorry for all the questions, but everything else I found was related to fireplaces and wood stoves in houses, so it's a bit fancier than I want.

Any help would be great. Thanks, Anton.
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It sounds like you want to do this without pulling a permit and this increases risk in having me even answering the question. In saying that, don't be offended by the answer I give below.

What you have found with regards to home fireplaces and wood stoves would apply to your application as well. The rules don't change because you think it is "fancier" because it is used within a home. The rules for safety in all that you found is for the safety of those within the structure and the structure itself.

I can only suggest that what you need to do is follow the SAFETY RULES FIRST.

All your questions can easily be answered by doing the following;

You already know the brand of your fireplace, the BTU output of your stove, size of flue required and you said you need parts. These parts will include wall heat shields, floor protector, piping (single wall or double wall), elbows, wall thimble, cleanout tee, chimney wall strapping, chimney cap, etc.. Again, let the parts supplier assist you in your endeavor to what you are trying to do. They also can calculate the questions you have on output, etc. and will know the code requirements within your area to ensure that you are running a safe unit without worry.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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