Moving a fireplace 24 inches

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Moving a fireplace 24 inches

I had my home built about 1 year ago. Currently I have a gas fireplace that sits in the corner of a rectangular room. I want to build a wall unit similar to the built-ins you see that look like a wall, but are compartmentalized. The unit will span the entire length of the wall butting up against the fireplace and will go from ceiling to floor. It will be constructed in the typical sheetrock/2x6 frame construction.

A bit of background on me. I am quite handy. I have been woodworking most of my life, and not really afraid to tackle anything. Well, with exception to plumbing and in this case the chimney. Not to be misconstrued as bragging, whenever I take on a project regardless of what it is, the finished product is always better than what a professional would have done for much cheaper and everyone always seems amazed, sometimes myself included. In fact, my last major project was a chiminea that I built in the back yard of my old home. I called a mason, which stated they would charge about $10K to build the chiminea I drew up, however I built it and a BBQ for about $3K including a $700 grill when all was said and done. I do not believe they could have done a better job. Before anyone attacks this, I am not making the claim that I can match up to the expertise or talents of professionals in their fields. At the same time, we all know that when you subcontract a professional to perform work, they will not put forth the effort and time to make everything perfect. They just cannot put the time into a job and still make money. On the other hand, I typically take a long time to finish my product because I want every aspect to be perfect. My chiminea/BBQ took a mere 6 months of weekends to complete.

Anyway, in this instance, I have no concern regarding the wall unit. The issue I have is that my fireplace will need to be pulled strait out from the wall approximately 18 to 24 inches. I am in the beginning phases of research of how to do this. I have no need to discuss framing of the fireplace. The only question I have is with the chimney. Currently, the fireplace is framed as typical new construction with a sheetrock surface, so I will easily be able to tear the entire structure out to obtain access to the pipe. The pipe is what I would guess is the standard pipe for current construction. This is a gas fireplace.

To my question. I live in Tucson AZ, for coding concerns. Knowing that I have to move this fireplace about 24 inches, there is no way I am manipulating the roof. In fact, if this is the case, I will abort the entire project. Is it within reason that I can put an elbow or such into the pipe allowing me to pull the fireplace forward? The ceiling is 12” high, so I have plenty of length to address the issue. I may be approaching this incorrectly being a complete novice. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you.
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What you are proposing is done but the issue of an elbow, am I assume you are talking 2 - 45's, if so this is permissable. If we are talking about 90's then I would discuss this with your local fireplace retailer for what is permissable with the brand of fireplace you have.

Sounds like you are doing your homework, good luck!
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There are two types of gas fireplaces "Direct Vent which typically vent out the side wall and B-Vent versions which vent vertically throught the roof. Then there are woodburning fireplaces with a gas log installed in it. These are vented vertically.

You'll need to know the brand and model #. This information can be found behind the lower grille located near the gas controls.

If a direct vent or wood burning with a log set, you will be required to use the factory supplied vent. If a B-Vent, you can purchase this (b-Vent) from Lowe's or Home Depot. You will need to match the B-Vent brand you purchase with the installed brand of B-Vent.

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