Smoke from fireplace and wood burning grill

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Smoke from fireplace and wood burning grill

I have a see through fireplace and a wood burning grill on an interior wall (between kitchen and living room) in a 1960's rambler. We bought the house two years ago and had both flues swept before our first winter. We live in Minnesota. The fireplace continued to exhibit some smoke (not drafting well) problems but the grill, which is only single faced,seemed to burn pretty smokeless. We have elevated our wood grate in the fireplace at the chimmney sweeps suggestion with limited successful results. According to him, our damper for the fireplace was installed unusually high in the chimney.

The last two nights,for the first time this season,I fired up the grill and we had smoke primarily on the living room side of the house. Visually it seemed to be venting well and I'm perplexed as to why any smoke would be on the opposite side of the wall in the living room. There may have been some wind these evenings. Could this worsen drafting??

Since beginning to inquire about the effeciency of interior wall fireplaces drafting potential I've heard they are notoriously poor "drafters" due to some laws of thermo-dymamics. Is this accurate info and do I need to resign myself to poor ventalation or are there some cures to seek out? One idea I've heard of is the installation of a fan in the chimmney flue. I've also heard these are not always terribly effective. I also saw in a chimmney sweeps ad a mention of a "Chimolator". Apparently some kind of adjustable register istalled near the top of the chimmney.

Any thoughts on problem solving would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Do you have a window open a bit so that the fireplace can draw?
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Yes,we opened a kitchen window a crack as well as a living room window.

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Exclamation fireplace

If you home is tight as most are this day and age. The one flue pull back down the other flue to get its air. The flue that has the fire will get its air somehow. Had one onetime that would pull its air in the home by way of the drier vent. Froze Water pipe in a inside wall from this.
On that other. Have a tin or welding shop make up like a 3"or4" drop that you can put up there on the fireplace lintel to hang down . This helps by cutting down on the fireplace open size. this will work better than raise the fire. You just have to much open there on the fireplace for the flue. ED
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double sided fireplace

double sided fireplaces are accually two fireplaces in one. in a normal one sided fireplace, the ratio of the opening of the fireplace compared to the flue size i is 10-1 with a square flue. the flue must be one tenth the size of the opening. so a double sided fireplace should need twice the flue size. check your flue sizes.
a fan on the top of a chimney should solve any draft problems, but they are very exspensive. you also need more make up air because the fan will suck alot out.
if a chimolator is what i think it is, it sounds like a chimney top that points the openingof the chimney away from the wind direction to cause a vaccum in the chimney.
i would think that interior chimneys would draft better because they are warm all the time. but there are alot of factors involved. the suggestion above, reducing the size of the opening is a great way to start .instead of getting something made right away try it first with something temporary

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