No Fireplace - New Liner Needed?

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No Fireplace - New Liner Needed?

During a moment of weakness, I recently succumbed to a telemarketer who called to offer me their cheap chimney cleaner service. I only did it because I've known since I bought the house 3 years ago that the chimney needs some maintenance, most-notably re-pointing up at the top. So I figured, for $30 or whatever, it'd be worth it just to have someone take a look.

Well, much to my dismay (but not so surprisingly) the guy calls me down to the basement and shows me some debris sitting at the bottom of the chimney which eventually leads to his telling me that I need to have it relined to the tune of well over 2 grand. I said thank you for the information bye now.

Consider these facts:
The house is almost 100 years old but the original chimney has since been abandoned.

The "new" chimney in use now was probably built within the last few decades.

It is located outside the house which, in my estimation, should eliminate most of the carbon-monoxide danger, unless of course, it somehow gets clogged.

The chimney is only used to vent a hot-water heater and furnace, both of which burn natural fireplace is involved here.

The chimney does not have a cap which has allowed undue moisture to enter and is probably the main reason why the chimney needs repointing. question is...does a chimney that vents the byproducts of burning natural gas need a liner or can I just have the top repaired and capped and be done with it?

Any advice is, as always, appreciated!

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Id ask there what is code for it . But if the tile flue is bad and gone in some spots. Id say yes you need a steel liner put in. You can check it out there are some where a DIY can put them in.


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