spreading wood stove heat

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Question spreading wood stove heat

I have a freestanding wood stove in my living room on one side of the house (one story, no basement, has crawlspace). Does anyone have any ideas for moving the heat to the other side of the house. I know a boiler would do it, but don't have one, and not really wanting to invest for just for my stove. Maybe some kind of vent or air duct that can run under the house. You are welcome to respond to tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree.
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Well, you need to circulate the air, possibly through the prudent use of ceiling fans.However, you may never be able to overcome the ongoing battle of sufficient insulation and draft stopping, without providing another heat source,. Even if it is another of the same appliance.
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I am by no means a professional so dont take this as professional advice.

What I would do in this situation is run some kind of insulated ducting as you suggested and have it end up near (behind) the wood stove where it is nice and warm. I would put a fan in the duct at the end near wood stove so it suck the hot air and blows it out the other side.

This wont provide the best of heat but it will help move the heat around the house. It can also be done as many times as you like so you could have 2 lines for 2 different rooms.

What I would suggest for ducting depending on how much air to move to keep it warm is a 6 inch flexable insulated duct running in the crawl space and a "muffin fan". The fan is just like the one inside of a computer case except bigger and more powerful, generally used in industrial applications, it runs on 120 volts so it can be hooked up to your regular house power.
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There is no simple way to properly distribute the heat from a woodstove in a home.

Makeshift ductwork systems that are anywhere near your wood stove will violate most building codes, and I don't think you want the shock of being uninsured if something unfortunate were to happen.
These stoves are not approved for duct mounting and you would need to get a wood furnace that is approved for ductwork if you wanted to duct the heat.

We owned a mobile home before our current home which came with a wood stove in the front addition.
I ran it for one year.
Because it heats the house from one direction and we had an oil furnace, the thermostat was satisfied by the wood stove so the furnace shut off before the back area was warm.
So, I wound up running my furnace fan continuously, setting a fan in the hallway and installing a permanent electric baseboard heater in the bathroom.
What a mess!
I burned a couple cords of wood and I figure I saved about $400.00 or so that winter but it wasn't worth the hassle.

If you look at the information that came with your stove, you can check to see if there is a fan that is approved for use with the model you have.
If so, and it was installed according to the mfr's instructions, you would not have any worries.
Also, if you have a furnace fan you could run it on a continuous setting and do what I did by setting a large fan at the far side of the room to blow into the cold area.
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There are small fans made just for this that you can put there in the walls near the ceiling. To help blow the hot air into the other rooms. Check at Grainger they have a quiet room to room fan 8". just made for this when it blows the hot air into the other rooms the cold air should come back in the room through the doorways

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I dont know what kind of codes there are but I dont see any problem with having duct work in the same room as a wood stove. as long as it passes the minimum clearence.
If you could run the ducts through the attic and suck the air in from the ceiling close the top of the wood stove (passing all clearence laws etc) it would work better then just a open fan blowing air towards a door.

It would get the warm it directly into the far rooms and then the cold air will naturally flow back to the woodstove room just as if you had a central air handler running all the time.
I got the impression from your post that there is no central air handler or existing duct work of any kind right?

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