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We have a brick fireplace in our basement. We usually have fires on the weekends (2/3 times a week) but lately we have been getting a smoke odor from the fireplace. It seems to occur only when it rains and there is no fire but ashes in the fireplace. We called a local company and they told us what most likely is happening is that water is coming down the flue and suggested installing a cap. We have installed a cap but the other day it rained, the flue was open, the cap was on, there were ashes in the fireplace and this smoke odor came again. And it will stay until we have another fire - we think that that having a fire dries out the flue.(?) What can be causing this and how do we rectify it.

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I have {and still do} burn wood for heat therefore I feel I can put my 2 cents in. I would have to ask if the flue {chimney} has been cleaned? If not I would lean that way to start. Worse case, I would simply keep the flue closed {which I would anyway to keep heat loss to a minimum]


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Hello Tiffany:

I would also be inclined to think there is way too much soot built up in the chimeny as mention in the prior posting.

What causes the smoke odor to appear on a cold, wet and rainy day is the moist air is is very heavy and falls down the chimeny bring with it the odor.

Have a chimeny sweap done and this should clear up the problem since you already have the cap.

As a side bar to having the chimney cleaned, you will also drastically reduce the chance of a chimney fire. Too much soot build up can cause a fire. The soot over heats and thus becomes like charcoal in a barbecue.

Good Luck

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