All the heat goes up the chimney because..

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our fireplace has a back boiler built into it and the seal on the vent which controls where the heat goes has worn out. So even when it is closed you can see smoke and flames getting drawn down to the back of the fire and under the boiler.

We had a sweep clean the whole thing when we moved in last week and I guess in doing so this has finished it off. He didn't say there was any real problems with the fire as such, just to be careful about opening and closing this vent as it is on its way out.

Is it safe to block the space under the boiler (the actual structure is sound) preventing the heat going round the back?

Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I'm new to this "real fire" business.


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Your situation is hard to should probably call in a mason contractor who can assess the thing for you.

Use common sense about the fire situation...don't mess around with a fire in this location if there is exposed wood or cavities that may have wood or combustables hidden from view.

I would consult a qualified mason before making my next fire.

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