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We are moving into an older house. We just had the chimney sweep out to clean the chimney, but there is a stong creosote smell that is driving us crazy!! what can we do to get rid of this odor! We have little kids and I worry about the smell be harmful to them. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Hard to say what is causing your problem, you didn't say what is hooked to the chimney, fireplace, woodstove, etc.

Only thing I can think of there may have been a little liquid creosote or water vapor condensate that was coating the walls behind some build up and the chimney sweep exposed it and it is remained behind coating the chimney wall in some manner.

That would make sense because I assume you tried to air out the house. If that was the case airing might make it worse by drawing more vapors back down the chimney.

So assuming the chimney is really clean, maybe build a small fire to burn off any remaining liquid or wet spots that might have be exposed. I know its summer but that would seem logical. It should vaporize quickly.

The other thing is of course ask the chimney sweep why he thinks it is occuring. Might get a similiar solution.
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