Do it yourself chimney cleaning??

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We want to clean our own chimney but don't know where to start. Are there any books, websites, etc., we can learn from or is it just common sense? We just moved into this old home and are dying to have a fire in our fireplace during the holidays :-)

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To clean your oun fire place you will need a set of tools, brushes and rods, face mask and eye protection.
Check the damper make sure it is open and not plugged with any thing. Cover the opening into the fire place plastic seal all opening with duct tape, lay old sheet next to it and waight it down.
Now to the roof, make sure that you set the ladder in a safe spot, you do not want to bend or damage the gutters, roofing, Make sure the ladder is setting on a good footing, it is good you have some one hold the ladder to make sure it will be safe. lay a tarp around the chimny, NO PLASTIC to slick you will fall, to keep the roof clean. Take the brushes and work slow to get the "black fire dust" and creosote to fall into the fire box use a good light and check that it is clean all the way down as far as you can go, let the dust settle. Go back to the fire box and slowly remove the cover in front of the fireplace, use a shop vac. to clean. brush and scrap sides, back and damper both sides when it is all brushed down use the vacume an clean every thing you can reachback of damper the ledge inside chimney when it is all clean make sure the damper works well, put every thing back to gether..Take a good light and check realy good inside chimney and fire box for crack and damage. should you find any thing get a profestional to make repairs. Take a rolled up new paper and light it on the end and hold it up inside the fireplace as high as you can and see how it draws the smoke and flame up in the chimney...........

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