Firewood chute plans anyone?

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Firewood chute plans anyone?

Does anyone have any firewood chute plans to go throught a basemant window? Or any Ideas would be great also, Thanks, Jason
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No plans but this should be simple enough.

You can make a plywood faced 2-side with rigid insulation placed in between. Basically make a 1x2 frame, place rigid inside, attach plywood to both sides and use a piano hinge at top. This can be attached to a W/T wood buck, painted. Use twist cabinet latch at bottom to secure and keep critters out. This would be operable from the outside only as it should be.

Hope this helps!
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firewood chute

I know this is an old thread, but I found it about a year go when I had the same quesiton/dilemma and very little info existed. Now that I have had the experience of building my own firewood chute, I though it would be worth sharing...
I purchased a large, heavy-duty plastic slide for a childrens' playset at a garage sale for $2.50 (yes, two dollars and fifty cents). It's a little worn, but it's really sturdy and heck, the firewood doesn't care The slide is bacially a straight run and about 8' long. I cut a 12"X12" opening in the basement rim joist bewteen the attached garage and the basement and installed a tight-fitting trap door to cover the opening (latched from the ouside only). I attached the top of the slide to the basement sill plate with a piece of piano hinge (another garage sale bargain) and made scrap-lumber legs to raise the other end about 30" off of the basement floor. I built a catch bin from free plywood crates (a local motorcycle dealership gives them away for free) and added caster wheels (yes, garage sale goodies) to transport to-and-fro the woodburner. In all, the project cost less than $10 and took about 3 days of part-time work. It works GREAT and the legs are foldable to allow the slide to fold against the basement wall when not in use. The trap door in the garage is nice, so I can stay out of the weather when I unload my truck/yard cart. I can chuck the logs down as well as kindling/newspaper that I collect in a canvas duffel bag. In the end, I no longer have to tote logs through the house and down the basement steps. -Way less mess, way less cold air in the house and way less effort. The only thing I have to lug through the house is the steel ash can!

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