Please give your thoughts.....

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Question Please give your thoughts.....

We have a single story ranch, with a side 2 flue chimney, our home is 10 yrs. old, we burn a woodstove in one flue, oil funace in the other.
we cap our chimney only in the summer.(I know
This weekend my hubby went to clean our chimney (we own brushes and do so 2x a year)
He inserted the brush and discovered the 2nd & 3rd(i think) tile to be cracked and ultimately from the insertion one shifted, he then decided to remove the crown and the damged tiles,(carefully). We then decided before he installs the new tiles that perhaps we should have the rest of the tiles inspected, well ...
apparently they cannot inspect it if the chimney isn't clean. & we can't clean it until we replace the top tiles and brace or replace the crown.
I am feeling spent on this cycle, and have made an appt. for an estimate on a steel liner. but .......
The cost between replacing the top and having a steel liner installed is obviously great, is it worth the difference??? are steel liners worthy of the cost (we are short on cash)
and what are the odds that the other tiles down lower are cracked? this house seems too young to have this happen, we have been told perhaps we have had a small chimney fire but we clean this twice a year!! and what will happen if this occurs in the steel liner?????
please give the best advice ? opinions you can I would appreciate it as my head is swirling.
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Please give your thoughts.....

The upper flues are much more likely to crack than the lower ones.

If you do not have a good cap AND a masonry crown around the flue AND a good seal between the crown and the flue, water can enter. The upper portion of the chimney is subjected to the weather extremes and moisture (leakage and condensation) can collect in the joints or behind the flue and crack. This is especially true if someone attempted to mortar them solodly in place.

Without looking ay your chimney, I would suspect the lower flues are in much better shape and do not take the abuse. - So they should lasr much longer.

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Question ..........

B4 my hubby removed the tiles we had a concrete crown surrounding the top flue tile, right now it has no crown because he removed it to take out the top flue and subsequent damaged one(s), funny thing the very top flue was fine, it was the next two down,
regardless, he has to rplace the 2 tiles, I am having a hard time finding non water soluble refractory mortar, and may havee to order it as I can't find it locally. Do you have any tips for me to pass along to him in regards to replacing the top tiles?? I have heard he should wrap tar paper around the top flue when he rebuilds the crown then remove and caulk for expansion. what other things might he need to know??
as well as should we just have it lined with the steel or have it scanned for 200$$ to check the lower tiles??
what do ya think??
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I would always recommend having the chimney scanned - it is better to know what is going on inside your chimney than to use it without knowing. It is possible no matter the age of the chimney and how often it is cleaned to have a chimney fire without even knowing about it. It only takes a small amount of creosote to ignite and cause damage in the chimney( - the chimney safety institute). It is likely that only the top 2 flues were damaged because they are the most suceptible being the most exposed to the elements; but that is certainley not guaranteed.
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it is very possible but not definate you have other broken tiles.... stainless steel has a lifetime warranty , even after a chimney fire...

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