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magic heat reclaimer

I have ordered a Magic Heat Reclaimer. This is a unit that goes on your flue pipe and has a heat exchanger that blows heat into the room. I want to install this in the basement over my gas steam boiler to heat basement workshop.
I am looking for anyone with experience with this unit and its installation. A friend of mine has one and says it keeps his basement toasty.
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Frugal Green Comfort

After installing a new 175,000 Btu gas-fired steam boiler, I wanted to try and recapture some of the significant waste heat going up the flue, and discovered Magic Heat for Gas. I installed the unit a month ago and am very happy I did! My basement is about 1,000 sq. ft. and used to be about 62 degrees; after installing Magic Heat the temperature is now about 67 degrees, which makes the space quite comfortable for use, and un-musty. The heat from the basement also rises, and warms the floor above, helping the boiler run less often. I expect the Magic Heat will pay for itself in fuel savings in one heating season. And with less fuel being burned, the overall emissions from the boiler are reduced as well. Installation was a little tricky given the tight space and horizontal orientation of the unit, and took me about 5 hours. The manufacturer's installation instructions specify that for safety reasons, the flue gas must be at least 280 degrees F and that the flue draft must be adequate. For additional safety, I installed a carbon monoxide (CO) detector right next to the boiler, and have had no problems at all. Magic Heat is well made, uses only 20 watts of electricity (when the fan is running), and requires very little maintenance because natural gas produces no soot. I got great customer service from Magic Heat with a few installation questions. This little box will make a big difference in the comfort of your home, your gas bill, and your environmental footprint!
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Hi EG,
Doesn't it make you wonder why you had to spend several thousand dollars for a new boiler and the mfg overlooked all of this almost free energy. The reality is they did not over look it. They are very aware of exhaust gas temperatures and the btu's going up the chimney, but they MUST MEET ALL safety requirements, unlike the average home owner who can modify whatever comes in the door.

If you are concerned about the environment, then let's talk about that 175,000 btu furnace. It sounds on the large side, thus implies there are areas where some extra insulation would save as well.

Look, EG, I'm not flaming you, but I want to put the proper spin on the idea that there is a magic way to save energy. Basic air sealing and insulation will work every time, and no need to worry about what safety thresholds you may have crossed.

Be safe

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