Earth Stove wood burner


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Earth Stove wood burner

I have purchased a used Earth Stove that I plan to put in my garage for heating. I don't know much about wood burners, so I am looking for advice, things to watch out for, install help, etc.

I have a 30 x 40 2 car garage with a metal sheet roof. I plan to locate the stove near the rear of the garage away from the Jeeps. I also have a 8' pool table to think about as well. I understand from my insurance company (Indiana Farm Bureau) that it is safe to use,, but I have to meet their guidelines (36" from walls, combustibles, etc.)

I talked with an installer and his quote seems high, but it would be peace of mind, but that is not exactly DIY is it?

MY QUESTION...The stove pipe would attach to the rear of the stove and need a 90 elbow to begin installation. I would then like to add a dampener, due to older stove and the fresh air vent not performing well (read about in other forums). The next part is my concern. Can I do a 45 elbow and go out the wall to a 45 elbow on the outside of the garage then up to vent? The other option would be 2 90 elbows to get out of the wall and then a 3rd 90 elbow to vent. If a wall application is used how high must I go with Chimney to get a draft to work?

I have also considered going straight up from 90 elbow on stove and out the roof, but I was trying to save $$ on pipe. If I do go out the roof, how much about the roof peak should I be for good draft.

Any and all help would be appreciated!! thank you in advance!!

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Professional installation is recommended. That's not DIY, but why risk your safety and the safety of your property. Too, you need to check with the local building inspector's office to see if you need a permit. In some areas, wood burning stoves are not allowed. In some areas, outside air source is required.

Earth Stove's outside air intake is through the bottom of the stove. Installation instructions address proper installation for link to outside air source.

Here's a link to an Earth Stove by Lennox installation manual. This may not be for the same model as you have.
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thank you twelvepole. I found the Earth Stove 100 series manual online. I have been looking through it tonight.

I agree about the professional install. It would be peace of mind. The quoted price is a drop in the bucket considering the potential losses that might occur in my garage. I have not ruled it out by any means, just looking for advice from you folks.

I appreciate the response. thank you.

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