Removing paint from a fireplace


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Was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to remove a thick layer of white paint off of a red brick fireplace? We have already tried a gel like stripper that removed a fair amount of it, but now we are left with spots of paint. Any help would be appreciated!
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Hello: diy'er

You said a thick layer of white paint.
I am wondering what type of paint?

My guess would be some type of epoxy or rubberized coating designed strickly for that purpose.

Some suggestions:

Ask at a local retail fireplace store and the local hardware store what types of paint are normally used for this purpose and what is used to remove it.

Next, search online in the home improvements selections. Try fireplaces and several variations in the topic area.

Another place may be in the local paint and/or hardware stores. <I wouldn't reccomend the national chain stores however.> Try asking in the privately owned stores in your town.

Yet another idea, ask a building contractor what they would use. Post your question in another area on this site where Jack the Contractor will get it. Maybe he can help you better then I.

All the above fails:

Apply yet another coat of remover.
Try sand paper.
Sand blast it.
Incorporate the left on spots into a custom design pattern.

How about this:
Have a beer and forget about it till next year...hahaha

Happy Holidays
Good Luck

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