Woodstove circulation...diagram inside.

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Woodstove circulation...diagram inside.

Some of you may remember me posting back at the end of October about my situation. Basically, I have a very well insulated basement (batting and 1/2" MDF ceiling, and 2" styro on above grade exterior walls). We have a wood stove in the basement that we want to use to heat the first floor. Problem was, with no registers/returns, it wasn't doing much. Many of you on here said to check with the insurance provider before adding returns/registers. Everything checked out with my provider, and they gave me the go-ahead, so the other day, we cut and installed a 14"x24" heat register, and two 4"x12" returns on the opposite side of the room. We lit the stove last evening and let it burn through the night. Although the temp in the main floor didn't plummet as much as normal, it did drop some. So, obviously it's not heating (odd). I've included a diagram of my floor plan and location of the register/returns. Note that this is a split level, the bedrooms and both baths are on separate levels than the main floor, and the main floor is all open, no doors. Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be my issue? As a side note, the normal temp by morning lately as been ~50-55. This morning it was 64.8, but it was also 50 degrees outside.
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Well it made a 15 degree differance between inside and out. The wood stove could be to small to heat the area you have. Circulation is always a good thing and looks like you have it right. Does it have a fan to force air in as well as out of the basement. Are the registers on the floor or cieling. There is many factors to heating. How hot is it in the basement.
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How hot was the basement?

You are trying to heat your entire house with a wood stove. That stove needs to be pretty big to handle that. You also have a huge barrier between the basement and the 1st floor. I think your best bet would be fans to help get it out of the basement and around the house. So what you really wind up with is a wood fired furnace.

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