Do I need to re-line my chiney? Some say yes some no


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Do I need to re-line my chiney? Some say yes some no


I just bought a house built in 1910. The inspector looked at the chimney for the fireplace and said that it does not have a teracota lining and it should be relined.

I had another chimney company come and and they gave me an estimate for the re-lining.

Another chimney company came in and said that the chimney was in good shape, it had two sided wall, typical of that time, and that there is no hazard to be used as such. It just needs a good cleaning.

I am confused. Should all chimneys be lined with wither teracota or stainless steel or can some be just brick as mine is?

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Codes change as time goes by. In the era your chimney was built there was no code to speak of. If that was built today the inspector would tell you to tear it down and start over. Considering its age the best person to talk to would be a structural engineer to make sure it is stable after all these years. If the chimney people that you had look at did not say anything about cracks I am sure your fine. To my knowledge dealing with fireplaces myself for over 26 years there is no fireplace company that can tell you if it is secure and sound. Only if they think it is safe. Being a fireplace person myself I would never tell a person if a masonry unit was safe or not structurely. But with working on so many over the years and building them I could say if it was safe to use as a fireplace or not. Just make sure that the person you have look at it has years of experiance in the field not just book smart. There is a big difference if you ask me. GOOD LUCK
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