Gas Fireplace pilot lights, but not main burner - fixed!

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Smile Gas Fireplace pilot lights, but not main burner - fixed!

Thanks to great info in the archives that helped me troubleshoot the problem with my gas fireplace, it's now fixed! Yay!

But, the problem was a bit different than others I read about, so thought I'd post about it.

The pilot light lit right up, but when I turned on the wall switch, the main burner would not come on. I made sure the gas knob was turned to On.

I measured the voltage between TP/TH and and TP terminals with my multi-meter and it showed about 460 mV (0.46 volts DC), so that seemed to be working properly (especially since the troubleshooting guide for the Superior fireplace said it should be at least 325 mV).

I then pulled out the wall switch and disconnected the wires, then touched them together, but still no fire.

I jumpered the TP/TH and TH terminals and the main burner lit right up. So, that meant some problem with the wire between the switch and the gas control.

I traced the wire back and noticed it connected to a tiny box near the front of the fireplace. I wiggled the connections; still nothing. I took part of the way out and discovered it was a safety switch (I think it is supposed to 'open' when the glass is removed from the fireplace). I noticed that it had somehow gotten out of position. When I pushed the switch closed with my finger, voila! Fire!

So, I adjusted the switch properly and the fireplace now works just as it did a few months ago, with the flick of the wall switch.

Thanks MUCH for all the troubleshooting help on this forum! It saved me a bundle of money and it turned out I didn't even have to replace a part.

Happy New Year!
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Congratulations !!!! I'm glad to hear that you got it up and running. I am VERY happy to hear that you did not disconnect any of the safety systems.
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Thank you lunytnz!! I used your methodology after wracking my brain over how to get the fire lit. My solution turned out to be exactly how you had solved it - the microswitch was not being activated so the system thought the glass had been removed. No parts, no cost, just time well spent.

Thanks again!

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