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I recently moved into a townhouse with a gas fireplace. Since I've never owned one in any prior
homes, I know nothing about them.

It worked fine the first couple of times we used it, but within the past week, everytime we tried
to use it for longer than 10 minutes, we started smelling gas (and turned it off immediately, of
course). Anybody know why this could be? Could it be that the chimney needs cleaning (despite
the fact that itís a gas-burner)? Or some other reason?

Second Question: Does that pilot light have to stay "on" all the time?

Thanks in advance...

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Check and see if the damper is open and that there is pleanty of fresh air so it can burn clean, adjust the air vent on the burner to a blue flame that is when it is burning the best...If this does not help and you still smell gas, call the gas co. and have the check it before you use it again...better safe than sorry...

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