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I have an insert gas fireplace. Working just fine. I have red flames with occassional yellow flames throughtout the unit, front, middle and back. However,the yellow flames that I have, are really low. The unit is up as high as it goes, so that is NOT the problem. I am getting gas to the unit. I have cleaned out the entire unit and there are no blockages. There are just little/low yellow flames. I bought lava rock and rock wool, but don't know how much to use. Should I use alot, medium or not much, or doesn't matter. I am looking for more of a yellow flame look, rather then just burning low and red embers look and occasional yellow. I really want something that looks like a fire with some dancing yellow flames. Any ideas???
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The lava rock is just decorative. Use as much as you like.

As far as the rock wool is concerned...
You mentioned a front, middle and back burner. Is this a ventless fireplace? If so, you don't want to use too much rock wool as it will cause soot, smoke, etc.

There is probably a metal tag chained to your burner. This should tell you some info. What is the Btu rating of the burner? The small yellow flames are sometimes present by design. The yellow color of the flame means it is receiving little oxygen (again, designed that way for realistic look). Also, the yellow colored flame is a cooler flame. You don't want a large yellow flame in a ventless fireplace. The yellow flames produce soot and smoke which ends up on your walls and windows. The size of the flame may be something you have to live with.

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