Any reason to not install fireplace door? No lintel bar, gas logs.

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Any reason to not install fireplace door? No lintel bar, gas logs.

Hello all,
I'm looking to install a fireplace door to prevent our soon to be toddler from being able to go into the fireplace and to cut down on drafts, but there are a few factors that I'm unsure of.

First, there is no lintel bar, instead there is an angled metal plate that holds the chimney damper.

Second, since there's no lintel, does that mean I'd have to drill directly into the surround, and is that even advisable?

Lastly, the previous owner installed gas logs. Does that alter whether I should install doors? As far as I can tell, this is the original fireplace built in the 1930's.

This is the front and depth of the surround, about 4" to the firebox,
Name:  fp_surr2.jpg
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This is the chimney damper handle and edge from the front.
Name:  damp1.jpg
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Inside the plate covers the entire top of the firebox with the only opening being for the damper.
Name:  damp2.jpg
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Firebox from the front
Name:  firebox.jpg
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Any suggestions would be great.

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No you can put a door on almost all fireplaces. The drawback is that with gas logs the door must be open and the damper must be locked open so no one can close it and fill the room with carbon monoxide. The doors must be open to allow enough air to the gas logs. If it is propane it must have a pilot or electronic ignition. If you run it with the doors closed it will more than likely pull the flame straight to the glass searching for oxygen. And possibly shatter the glass as it will get to hot. Goodluck.

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