Some questions/help with my B-vent gas log fireplace

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Some questions/help with my B-vent gas log fireplace

Have a masonry gas fireplace that hasn't worked in 10 years. I decided to replace all the rusted and broken parts with new ones. Everything seems to work well now but I'm pretty sure whomever built the fireplace/house made some errors. The room has hot water heating system so the fireplace is mostly for show but does give off some radiant heat.

1 ) does my hook up look okay? put a new burner pan, new safety valve, some ga pipes to extend the safety valve unit forward so the turn on knob can be outside the firebox, which I feel is safer than putting your hand in the box to turn it off.

2) this firebox has a hole in the side. I believe it is an attempt as a fresh air intake setup. When i sent an email to RH Peterson about their safety valve, with a picture, in the reply the guy told me to close up that fresh air intake that it wasn't good for the flame and that they are only used for wood fireplaces??
Does anyone think I should close it up?

3) when burning the fire should the doors be open or closed. Someone told me that if I close them i'm basically making an oven. Another person said with the fresh air intake and vents in the bottom of the glass door structure it will be fine.

4)the chimney is below the roof line. I read that is illegal. even the metal ducting is below the roofline.

5)can I stuff insulation to where the gas pipe goes out. The hole is much bigger than the pipe and cold air comes in. Guess that's not a huge deal as there is a giant hole on the other side for fresh air.

Appreciate any advice in advance
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I'm not the plumbing pro but the work looks good. The only thing I don't like is that flexible gas line seeing as how it's going to be right in the fire.

I'm not saying it's wrong.... I just don't like it.

That stovepipe flue should definitely be above the roof. By the angle it's on it looks like it was just stuck into the fireplace.

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