propane furance

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Lightbulb propane furance

We just bought a house which is app.1250sq.ft. My question is what size of propane furnace should be in house.
Not sure what size is here. It seems that it wants to run all the time. We have thermo. set on 68 degrees. Would like an answer from someone that knows about this.THANKS
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Welcome to the forums.

If you remove the burner access cover you'll see an ID plate posted on the side of the furnace near the burner. Post the make and model.

As far as what size should be in there.... that can be a complex question. It depends on the heat loss of the house.
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In addition to the furnace information also tell us a bit about your house. How old is it? What type windows do you have? How much insulation do you have? Anything that would help to figure out how much heat your house will loose.

Also keep in mind that much of the country is experiencing record setting cold weather. Some heating systems were not sized for these extreme conditions and struggle to maintain temperature.
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I would add that it's generally cheaper to insulate and better seal your house than to upgrade the furnace.
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Smile size of furnace

is this a two story is there a basement
if a single story are the walls and ceiling well insulated as well as do you have single pane old windows
I would say a plain jane older home would need roughly 40,000 btu at the very least
Before resizing and purchasing a new furnace is are a few things I think money is better spent. I say this as we just did It
Our home is a 1977 and 1500 sq ft built in Texas near Dallas has 6 inch in walls and ceiling with 4x8 sheets of insulation outside under Masonite siding
We have been using a electric 30,000 btu system as well as two
15,000 btu propane stoves. Our house was still cool on the coldest days
We decided to take one room at a time and lowered the ceiling by six inches
We first put 4x8 sheets 3/4 inch thick insulation on the ceiling
then we dropped down 6 inches just drooping two will be a big help and installed the drop ceiling.
We then installed storm windows with out the gas in them saw no reason for the gas filled a lot of hype in my opinion. We saw a big difference by doing the windows and ceiling
We then went out side and pulled the windows out and ran TYVEK siding around the house ,installed another 4 x 8 sheet 3/4 inch insulation on the outside and then put siding on.
We then put insulation on the roof and installed a metal roof. We raised the roof by using 1 x 4 laid across the house and over the insulation that comes with the roof
We then saw a big difference in our heating.
We do not use the electric heat at all. We use one propane stove and another some. We have an electric heater in the bathroom and one in a bed room that run part time
Our electric and gas bill has dropped from 500 a month electric and 75 a month propane to 200.00 a month electric and 30 a month propane
We have had some really consistent cold days this year
You need to be sure that the duct is not pulled apart somewhere, be sure the furnace is working properly , and yes see if it is undersized that is possible
Get a friend that has one to look at it or if getting an expert get a friend that has some knowledge with you to make sure someone does not sell you a bill of goods

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