chimney installation

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chimney installation

Hi I am wondering, if some smart DIY-man/woman could help me with my problem. Sooo, I ordered a new chimney in the internet, because my chimney sweeper wanted me to have a new one In the instructions, which were sent with the chimney, the installation of the chimney looks very simple. So, now my question: Has anyone here ever build up a chimney by himself? (It is a stainless steel one, by the way)
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The first step is making sure you have the right size chimney for the fireplace. There are different diameters of chimney. Sizes can be anything from 6", 8", 10", 12" up to 24" depending on your fireplace. it would be important to get the correct size pipe before installing.

Also if you know the make and model of your fireplace, it will list the requirements for the chimney. There are single wall, double wall, triple wall/air cooled chimney. You will want to make sure you have the correct SS steel chimney for your fireplace. Does not apply for you since you already purchased the chimney, but they also make flexible chimney/linear to just drop down.

If the previous fireplace chimney was clay flue and you are replacing it with SS metal then there should be a chimney adapter at the base for the pipe to sit in or if it is not a masonry then there will need to be an anchor plate purchased from the chimney manufacturer to connect the pipe to the fireplace. Again, size of the chimney is important otherwise it will not connect to the fireplace.

After that, it just comes down to locking the pieces together and using wall straps to support the weight of the chimney. Naturally the instructions for install will be in the chimney cap box. Make sure to follow them specifically as each chimney manufacturer may have different requirements for install.

Lastly, this is something to make sure you take very seriously. A mistake on a fireplace could burn your house down. Not trying to put fear in your project, but very important to know this is not like a tile back splash where mistake is not that costly. If you have not done something like this before, I would recommend hiring a professional to do it. Or if you are set on DIY it may be wise to have one of the local hearth techs/chimney sweeps come out and inspect the project after completion for any mistakes. I know a few techs that will do this, but of course you will be invoiced for their time and knowledge.

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